Anarchopanda takes 'pandaction' against Montreal bylaw

Anarchopanda, the Montreal student protest mascot, is raising thousands of dollars to fight a controversial bylaw.

Montreal student protest mascot raises thousands of dollars towards legal battle

Anarchopanda has raised over $11,000 to fight against a controversial municipal bylaw. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Anarchopanda, the Montreal student protest mascot, has launched a fundraising campaign to fight a controversial bylaw that bans masks during protests and requires demonstrators to submit an advanced itinerary to police.

The campaign, dubbed "Pandaction," has raised $11,492 so far through the popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Last week, police confiscated Anarchopanda's head for several days under bylaw P-6.

According to the Pandaction campaign website, the money will be used to help fight against bylaw P-6 and the application of a secion of the Quebec Highway Safety Code, which some protesters believe has been misused in order to put an end to the demonstrations.

Excerpt from Quebec Highway Safety Code 500.1

"No person may, during a concerted action intended to obstruct in any way vehicular traffic on a public highway, occupy the roadway, shoulder or any other part of the right of way of or approaches to the highway or place a vehicle or obstacle thereon so as to obstruct vehicular traffic on the highway or access to such a highway."

The funds raised will be put towards fighting tickets handed out during protests, as well as legal challenges against the bylaw and an application of the Quebec Highway Safety Code.

"Anarchopanda hopes not only to be able to finance the defence of those who have already undergone this type of legal and financial repression, but also the defence of any who might undergo it in the near future," says a statement on the campaign website.

The student protest mascot also pledges to protect the anonymity of any donors.