Amphibus-train collision sparks safety concerns over Old Port rail crossing

While passengers on the amphibus sustained only minor injuries during Monday's incident, concerns have been raised about the safety of the intersection.

Union says more signs, security needed at intersection to warn drivers

Konrad Lamour, president of the Old Port worker's union, says there need to be more security measures in place along the rail road track. (CBC)

The Old Port of Montreal workers' union is asking for better security measures to be put in place at a rail crossing where a Montreal amphibus was recently hit by a passing CN train.

While passengers on the amphibus sustained only minor injuries during Sunday's incident, concerns have been raised about the safety of railway intersections in the Old Port before.

A Montreal amphibus collided with a CN train in the Old Port on Sunday. (Submitted to CBC)

Konrad Lamour, president of the union, highlighted a tricky curve in the Old Port railroad track where trees make it hard to see any oncoming trains.

"Because it's on a turn and because of the trees, they can't see what's going on," he said. "So you need to have someone or something here to let this person know, before I engage the intersection I should probably stop."

Lamour says the crossing needs to have security measures.

"Let's be honest, it is much safer to have a barrier that tells you, you can't pass by. Or if there are bells ringing to let you know, there's a train passing."

Old Port officials say they're looking at increasing signaling, but it's unclear when these changes might be put into effect.

"Talk is cheap, you know," said Lamour. "What needs to be done is action."

CN not responsible for track maintenance

CN spokesperson Patrick Waldron told CBC News that the railroad track in question isn't maintained by the company.

"This is a private crossing," he said. "CN doesn't own the crossing, nor does it operate the crossing. CN is not responsible for its maintenance."

With files from Simon Nakonechny