Alain Magloire's last minutes before being shot dead by Montreal police

Before Alain Magloire was shot dead by Montreal police officers, exclusive video footage obtained by Radio-Canada shows him being surrounded and hit by a patrol car.

Video obtained by Radio-Canada shows mentally ill man was surrounded by cops, hit by car

Alain Magloire's last minutes

8 years ago
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Radio-Canada has obtained surveillance video of Alain Magloire's last minutes before he was shot four times by Montreal police

Before Alain Magloire, 41, was shot dead by police officers in downtown Montreal in February, he was surrounded by police and hit by a patrol vehicle.

He rolls over the vehicle then retreats to the sidewalk, brandishing a hammer at police.

At that point, several police officers move in, and police shoot him.

A video obtained by Radio-Canada shows the mentally-ill man's last moments. It appears to be a reconstruction of events captured on several security cameras.

In it, Magloire has an altercation with someone at the hostel where he was staying close to Montreal's central bus station.

Then it shows him smashing a window at the hostel's front desk, in apparent frustration after an employee at the hostel refused to return his $50 deposit. 

The video then shows Magloire as he is followed by police officers, until he's hit by a police cruiser on the corner of Berri and Ontario streets. 

Magloire was shot four times.

He died within minutes. 

Alain Magloire, 41, was shot and killed by police on Feb. 3, 2014 after he used a hammer to smash a window near the downtown coach bus terminal. (Facebook)