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Ainslie MacLellan is a journalist at CBC Montreal. Follow her on Twitter: @CBCAinslie.

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Montrealers argue for right to assisted dying in pivotal court challenge

In closing arguments, the lawyer for two Montrealers challenging Canada's medical aid in dying laws says his clients have demonstrated their clear desire to die and should not be denied that right, even if they are not yet close to the end of their natural lives.

Longueuil police launch new team to support victims of sexual exploitation

"Police officers who don't ask 'who, what, where' but ask 'what do you need?' — for us, it's a revolution," said Longueuil police Chief Fady Dagher, describing an initiative aimed at keeping victims of sexual exploitation from falling through the cracks, once they become adults.

Quebec judge to rule on whether sexual abuse class-action against Jehovah's Witnesses can proceed

A Quebec Superior Court justice is now deliberating on whether to authorize a class-action lawsuit against the religious group. Complainants are each seeking $250,000 in damages for sexual abuse claims.

Inuit children in Quebec youth protection left in 'no man's land'

When a child from Nunavik is transferred to a youth protection facility in Montreal, they aren’t assigned a local social worker — meaning there’s no one to look out for them.

Indigenous youth in Quebec child protection told not to speak their own languages, sources say

At least three Quebec group homes and rehabilitation centres for youth have been accused of discouraging Indigenous children from speaking their languages, replicating a harmful practice of residential schools, according to sources.

'I was sure she was dead': Husband of woman injured in Montreal police chase wants answers

Nancy Carrier, 42, has come through a 9.5-hour operation and faces more surgery after she was seriously injured Saturday when Montreal police tried to force the driver of a car to stop, leading to a crash right in front of Carrier's home on Place de Léry.

Montreal unveils details of plan to help businesses suffering from construction woes

The City of Montreal says its compensation program for businesses that have inccurred losses because of construction projects is the first of its kind in Canada.

Quebec forces routinely break law requiring officers to report independently to police watchdog: BEI head

Human rights and anti-police brutality groups have made public a series of letters that they say shows Quebec's system of investigating deaths and injuries at the hands of police is seriously flawed.

Montreal symphony teams up with Inuit, Cree & Innu artists to launch new opera

The Montreal Symphony Orchestra hopes its new opera Chaakapesh: The Trickster's Quest, will be seen as a respectful partnership with Indigenous artists, following this summer’s controversy over the shows SLAV and Kanata.

Montreal filmmaker Xiaodan He brings rare perspective to the big screen

A Touch of Spring, the first feature film by Xiaodan He, tells the story of a Montreal woman seeking a new beginning by reconnecting with family in China.

4 tips to get the most out of your summer vacation

Not only will you feel better, if you take time off, it might actually make you more productive, according to time management expert Brad Aeon, a PhD researcher from Concordia’s John Molson School of Business.

These Montreal students have 22 days to build an energy-efficient home in China

Team MTL faces 21 other university teams, in marathon competition to build the home of the future, at the Solar Decathlon in Dezhou, China.

Montreal film La Chute de Sparte aims to be not (just) another teen movie

La Chute de Sparte, or The Fall of Sparta in English, based on the hit teen novel by Quebec artist Biz, deals with bullying, suicide and the pressures of high school life.

5 things you should stop doing in your garden

Listening to heavy metal won’t kill your plants and snails don’t mind slithering on egg shells. Larry Hodgson, author of the Laidback Gardener series, debunks common gardening myths.

The Clashroom is now in session at NDG's Porchfest

Montreal teen rock starts in-the-making play their biggest gig on a small venue-their music teacher's front porch.