Action Bronson not welcome at Osheaga, says Quebec women's group

Quebec’s Council for the Status of Women is rallying to stop New York-based rapper Action Bronson from performing at Osheaga this year.

Festival organizers say they won't censor New York-based rapper's artistry

Action Bronson is scheduled to play at Osheaga this year. (Jordan Stead/

Quebec's Council for the Status of Women is rallying to stop New York-based rapper Action Bronson from performing at Osheaga this year.

Action Bronson has been accused of promoting sexism, violence and rape. Critics point to his music video, Brunch, where he cooks a meal over a woman's almost-dead body. Later in the video, he beats her.

In another song, Consensual Rape, he raps about drugging and violently gang-raping women.

Last May, Bronson was shut out of a public performance during Toronto's North by Northeast festival. Organizers cancelled his free show after nearly 40,000 people signed a petition against it.

The president of Quebec's Council for the Status of Women, Julie Miville-Dechêne, said Osheaga should follow North by Northeast's lead.

"This is clearly approaching, from our point of view, hate speech with all kinds of misogynistic and violent insults," she said.

However, others — including Osheaga's organizer, Evenko — are hesitant to censor artists based on their message.

"I'm not down with lyrics like that, rape and misogynist," said Aisha Cariotte Vertus, a Montreal DJ. "To ban an artist from a festival, it's really intense. It's art, some people express themselves like that."

Evenko spokeswoman Caroline Audet declined an interview, but said they don't censor artists.


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