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A 'coming-of-middle-age' story: The Mile Enders comedy series returns for season 2

The show, which explores the absurdity of aging and dating in the sharing economy, airs Saturday as a part of the Absolutely Quebec series.

The show, which explores the absurdity of aging and dating in the sharing economy, airs Saturday

Lori Braun and Adam Wanderer are the main characters in CBC's new comedy, The Mile Enders, in which they concoct a scheme to reinvent their lives in the hip Montreal neighbourhood.

The Mile Enders airs Saturday, Aug. 25, at 7 p.m. as part of the Absolutely Quebec series. It is also being released as a short-form series this fall on and on the CBC TV app.

Watch the pilot episode here.

Imagine you're a single, precariously self-employed 40-something anglophone in Montreal's trendy Mile End neighbourhood. You've been tasked with organizing a baby shower.

Your ex is expected at the event, and the only support you have is your best friend, who is possibly even more lost than you are in the world.

That scenario is just the first scene in the latest offering from Montreal's homegrown comedy series, The Mile Enders.

The series explores the lives of best friends Lori Braun and Adam Wanderer, two anglophones who play fictional versions of themselves as they convene over a series of outrageous antics to reinvent themselves in the hipster bubble of the Mile End.

Lori and Adam suffer through a Tinder mismatch in The Mile Enders.

While others around them seem to transition seamlessly into upwardly mobile lives, Lori and Adam are still figuring it out — trying their best to manage their unwanted German house guest, navigating being stood up, all while trying to get some work done at their local co-working space on Van Horne Avenue.

The Mile Enders is a heartwarming comedy of errors, as two-middle aged friends try to navigate Instagram, Uber, Tinder and the startup scene to get a foothold on their professional and romantic lives. 

But if failure is inevitable, they've at least got each other, a tub of ice cream, and plenty of fodder for a pity party.