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Côte-des-Neiges Chronicles is a collaboration between CBC Montreal and the Diploma Program of the Department of Journalism at Concordia University.

Côte-des-Neiges Chronicles is a collaboration between CBC Montreal and the diploma program of the Department of Journalism at Concordia University. Students from an online journalism course were asked to report on Montreal’s Côte-des-Neiges ​neighborhood. They were also asked to push their storytelling skills through the use of photos, video and information graphics.

The result is a wide-ranging look at the history of Côte-des-Neiges, its key attractions and the individuals and communities that make up one of Montreal’s more diverse neighborhoods.

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Femmes Du Monde

Geoff Vendeville

Geoff Vendeville is a freelance reporter, graduate of the journalism diploma program at Concordia University, and former Coordinating Editor of the campus newspaper, The Link.

Geoff Vendeville
In addition to The Link, his work has appeared in The Eastern Door, a community weekly based in Kahnawake, Que., and on the website of Doctors Without Borders Canada.

He earned a BA in history and political science from the University of Toronto, where he also learned a few tunes on the Soldier’s Tower carillon and how to kick a soccer ball without falling over.

Sara Cornett

Sara Cornett is a freelance photographer, multimedia journalist and experienced traveller.

Sara Cornett

Sara is a former staff writer for The Concordian, recipient of the Peter Mansbridge Award in Television Journalism, and a graduate of the journalism diploma program at Concordia University.

A native Montrealer, she also holds a BA with distinction in humanistic studies from McGill University, where she currently works part-time in administration.

Sara was recently awarded a grant by the International Development Research Centre, which she will use as an opportunity to document child prostitution and trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

Jesse Feith 

Jesse Feith is a freelance reporter with experience working at both daily and weekly newspapers.

Jesse Feith
A recent graduate of the journalism diploma program at Concordia University, he was born in Montreal and lives there today.

He previously studied business and creative writing at Bishop’s University.

Jesse’s work has appeared in the Sherbrooke Record, Les Actualités CDN-NDG and various student media.

Angela MacKenzie 

Angela MacKenzie is a freelance writer and multimedia journalist who has spent the last 10 years falling madly in love with Montreal.

Angela MacKenzie
A graduate of Concordia’s journalism diploma, she also holds a BFA in film and video from York University.

Angela runs Illa Fabulis, a website and podcast featuring interviews with creative Canadian women.

Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including J-Source, The Concordian and Sparksheet, where she also worked as an editorial intern.

She is heading off on a new adventure this spring to intern with the CBC’s foreign bureau in London, UK.

Annie Deir 

Annie Deir is a graduate of McGill University where she earned an honours degree in English literature and communications.

Annie Deir
She worked in public relations for several fashion firms and is now completing her graduate degree in journalism at Concordia University.

Annie lives to write. She is a contributing writer for Urban Expressions, an online magazine produced by the Montreal Gazette. She also enjoys acting, and is a member of ACTRA, the prestigious actors’ association.

When she’s not writing or acting, you can find Annie hunting down the latest in street art.

Leah Balass

Born and raised in the multicultural city of Montreal, Leah Balass completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University in business management and marketing.

Leah Balass

After graduating, Leah moved to New York City, where she worked for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and interned at the United Nations.  

She then decided to pursue her graduate studies in journalism at Concordia University in Montreal.  

During her time at Concordia, Leah wrote regularly for The Link newspaper and contributed to local television and radio stations. She worked in the CBC Montreal newsroom as a researcher. 

In May, she will be moving to Toronto to take part in CBC’s Joan Donaldson fellowship.  

Sara DuBreuil 

Sara DuBreuil is a freelance multimedia journalist living in the vibrant Plateau borough of Montreal, Que.

Sara DuBrueil

She is a contributing writer for Concordia Now and has been published in The Concordian. Sara is also the host of The Link’s weekly radio show and works on the CBC Radio One programs Daybreak and Homerun

A graduate of the journalism diploma program at Concordia University, Sara was awarded the Peter Mansbridge Award in Television Journalism.

Sara was born in Vancouver, B.C and grew up in Halifax, N.S. She holds a BA with Honours in communications from the University of Ottawa.

Nick Seebruch 

Nick Seebruch is a freelance journalist originally from Glengarry, Ont.

Nick Seebruch
His journalistic career began when he started writing for The Campus Bishop’s University’s school paper. Since then, he has written features for the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network’s Heritage Magazine as well as the Glengarry News, a weekly paper based in Alexandria, Ontario.

His journalistic interests include mostly politics, business and crime.

He is also an avid historian and graduated from Bishop’s University in 2012 with a BA with Honours in history.

Andy Fidel

Andy Fidel is a Montreal-based freelance journalist, photographer and writer who dreams of living on a submarine.

Andy Fidel

A graduate of Concordia’s journalism diploma, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing. She hopes to pursue a career that combines journalism and the latest social networking platforms. 

Fidel contributes to Concordia NOW, The Concordian, The Link, and The Vocalist Magazine, and is senior online editor at Soliloquies.