7-year-old girl dies day after police found her in critical condition in home in Granby, Que.

With the girl's death, a 35-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man arrested Tuesday on assault charges could now face more serious charges when they appear in court Wednesday.

Pair arrested in connection with girl's injuries may now face more serious charges in court Wednesday

Quebec provincial police say the 7-year-old girl was in critical condition when Granby police found her in a family home. She died in hospital Tuesday. (Emily Blais/Radio-Canada)

A 7-year-old girl has died in hospital, a day after she was found in critical condition at a home in Granby, Que., by local police.

Quebec provincial police are now handling the investigation. Police have not released the girl's cause of death. 

Two people were arrested Tuesday morning, before the girl died. They appeared in court that afternoon.

A 35-year-old woman was charged with aggravated assault endangering a life and forcible confinement. A 30-year-old-man was charged with forcible confinement. 

Both are expected back in court Thursday and could face more serious charges now that the girl has died.

Stuffed animals and flowers have been left outside the home where the girl lived. (Brigitte Marcoux/Radio-Canada)

Radio-Canada learned that the girl attended a Granby elementary school until she was recently pulled out to be home-schooled.

The local French school board, Commission scolaire du Val-des-Cerfs, deployed crisis teams to the school the girl attended.

"The team includes psychologists and psycho-educators. They're there in the field to ensure an organization of services to support students and teachers," said Alexandra Langlois, a school board spokesperson. 

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