6 ways to survive winter cycling in Montreal

It's not the easiest thing to do in Montreal's climate, but getting around the city on your bike in the winter can be done.

Riding in the winter just needs some more preparation

Cycling during the winter months in Montreal can be difficult, but not impossible if you follow some basic pointers. (Radio-Canada)

With frigid temperatures settling in over Southern Quebec and snow soon to be a regular feature in the forecast, cyclists thinking of getting around on two wheels can do so safely and comfortably by following some simple tips.

CBC Daybreak spoke with Marissa Plamondon-Lu, owner of the Bikurious cycle shop in Montreal about how to stay warm and safe.

Here are some tips:

  1. Mental preparation: Cycling in the winter takes a whole new head space. Make sure you realize winter biking is a whole new game when the snow starts to fly and ride accordingly.
  2. Stay dry: Proper clothing, and equipment such as mud guards and fenders can help keep you dry and warm on those wet, slushy days.
  3. Equip your bike: Wider tires will offer more stability and different brakes offer better stopping capacity in the cold.
  4. Good and greasy: Salt and grit from slushy roads can severely damage your bike parts. Be sure to use a heavier lubricant to protect chains, gears, etc.
  5. Second bike: Kitting your bike out for winter can be expensive to do it right, so you might want to think about a second bike if you have the space to store it.
  6. Stay safe: Make sure you use good lights and wear bright clothing. The sun sets earlier in winter and cyclists are harder to spot in the driving snow
  7. To ride or not to ride: There's no rule stating you have to take your bike every day in the winter. Take a day off if the weather gets really rough.

Happy cycling!