3-year-old boy with cancer to attend Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup final

Liam Shayton Awashish, from Mashteuiatsh, couldn't contain his excitement when he learned he would watch his favourite goaltender in a Stanley Cup final game.

After Liam's mother posted on social media, a generous stranger offered up tickets for the Stanley Cup final

Liam Shayton Awashish idolizes Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price. (Josée Gagnon/Facebook)

Hockey stick in hand, three-year-old Liam Shayton Awashish was jumping for joy in his Carey Price-decorated bedroom Friday morning.

The boy from Mashteuiatsh, an Innu community in Quebec's Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region, who has been getting treatment for cancer since February, found out he'll be watching the Montreal Canadiens vie for the Stanley Cup at the Bell Centre.

His wish came true thanks to Josée Gagnon, co-founder of Clowns Thérapeutiques Saguenay. The non-profit is committed to boosting young long-term patients' self-esteem.

Knowing his love for the team, Gagnon posted to social media, asking her network to help Awashish watch a game in Montreal. And within 40 minutes, Éric Larouche, a Chicoutimi businessman, offered tickets.

Pamela Duciaume, Liam's mother, couldn't believe her son's wish would ever materialize, let alone in less than an hour.

"I'm crying from happiness," Duciaume wrote in a post. "My little warrior really deserves [to watch the Habs play], it wasn't easy, these past few months."

A request has been made to the Montreal Canadiens for Awashish to meet Price at the game.

with files from Radio-Canada