3 cars set ablaze in Laval

A total of four vehicles were set on fire in the Montreal area overnight. Authorities believe all fires were accelerated with gasoline.

Separate incident in Montreal North also suggests criminal fire

Three cars were set on fire in Laval early Tuesday morning. (CBC/Turnbull)

Three vehicles were set on fire in an industrial sector of Laval around 1:20 a.m. on Tuesday.

No one was hurt in the incident.

The cars were parked near the Signa-Plus offices on Bergar Street in the Chomedey neighbourhood.

Authorities said the vehicles belong to individuals and not to the company.

Firefighters said they found gas cans along with safety flares that were most likely used to light the fire.

Police say they believe accelerant was used to set this car on fire in Montreal North. (Radio-Canada)

Emergency services were also called to Montreal North around 2 a.m. to extinguish another fire in a car on Allard Street.

Police reported that firefighters could smell accelerant and and that more clues point towards a criminal fire.

No one was arrested in either cases.