1 arrested in Quebec student protests

Striking students continue their protest against planned tuition hikes, staging a fresh round of demos across the province Thursday.

Students gather in several cities across Quebec in latest string of protests

At least one person was arrested Thursday during ongoing tuition protests in Montreal, one of several Quebec cities where students organized mass rallies.   

Police arrested one person near a freshly-broken window at a pharmacy on Ste-Catherine Street.

Hundreds of people joined the march, that kicked off at Émilie Gamelin Park at 3 p.m. and headed eastward to Fullum Street, where Education Minister Line Beauchamp has offices.

Some protesters wore patches in support of Francis Grenier, who suffered a serious eye injury during Wednesday's protests. (Yvan Côté/Radio-Canada)

Protesters snaked across the downtown core, ending at Concordia University where an evening rally was planned.

In Sherbrooke, about four hundred students staged a protest downtown outside city hall over lunch hour.

In Gatineau, some 150 students rallied outside the Palais des Congrès, where Premier Jean Charest met with business leaders to discuss future northern development.

Charest asked protesters to respect public peace, and criticized student leaders for what he called a lack of cooperation with police.

A student injured in Wednesday's protest in Montreal is calling police tactics heavy-handed.

Francis Grenier underwent eye surgery after he was hit by what he described as a police stun grenade.

Grenier told CBC News that he still can't see, and may lose his vision.

About 130,000 students have now joined the anti-tuition hike movement, and are staging rolling strikes across the province.