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Life after curfew for Montreal's homeless means lineups, fear of fines and few empty beds

After 8 p.m., when most of the city shuts down due to Quebec's COVID-19 curfew, many homeless people are still trying to find a place to stay. Here is a look at one night outside the city's overwhelmed shelters.
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The pandemic has pushed our health-care system to the brink. I see it every day as a nurse

It has been a challenging year for all of us in the health-care sector throughout Quebec. Many of us have put our personal health as well as that of our families in peril. The physical, mental and emotional burden of this sacrifice weighs heavily on each of us.

Feds push Legault to ease curfew rules, say homeless man's death in Montreal was avoidable

The federal government is adding it's voice to those calling on Premier François Legault to relax how curfew rules are applied to homeless people in Montreal, after a man froze to death this weekend outside a shelter.

From Westmount High to the White House, Kamala Harris is a local 'inspiration'

While the world watched the beginning of a new era for America on Wednesday, a Montreal school was cheering on one of their own as she made the historic step into her new role as vice-president of the United States.

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