Military clears officers of allegations

The military says it won't be prosecuting two senior officers. One man was accused of sexual harassment, and the other accused of covering that up.

The National Investigative Service says it's found no evidence to support the harassment allegations against Col. Serge Labbe.

Labbe was the commander in Somalia when Canadian soldiers killed and tortured Somali civilians. A public inquiry found he failed in his duties there.

The sexual harassment charge came two years ago, but the military says there's nothing to substantiate it.

Labbe's lawyer says he's questioning the motives behind the allegation. He is now asking the military to investigte the young captain who made allegations and leaks to the media.

The man who brought the allegations forward, Capt. Bruce Poulin, stands by his story. Newsworld spoke to him today, and he refused to give a more direct reaction to the military's decision.

The other charge dismissed today involved Lt.-Gen. Bill Leach, who's now the commander of the army. He was accused by Poulin of refusing to pass his complaint along the military chain of command.

The military ruled there wasn't enough evidence to support that charge.