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Separating couples in long-term care: Some nations call it inhumane, in most of Canada it's routine

It's a dilemma Canadian couples may eventually face - to get care, they'll be forced to live apart. This country's routine approach of splitting up couples when it comes to housing patients in long-term care facilities would be unheard of in places like Sweden, where it's considered inhumane.

OPP officer dragged by car after traffic stop sues in civil court

An Ontario Provincial Police officer who was dragged by a car during a 2017 traffic stop has launched a civil suit after criminal charges were dropped earlier this year against the alleged driver.

Hidden-camera footage reveals overstretched nursing home staff struggling to care for residents

CBC's Marketplace went undercover to find out what life was like for staff and residents at a busy long-term care residence north of Toronto and found an overstretched staff struggling to provide patients the care they need.

At least 29 Ontario long-term care residents killed by fellow residents in 6 years

The tally came out today as part of a report on long-term care in the province by the Ontario Health Coalition, which wants to raise awareness of the issue of violence in long-term care.

Mythbusting: Outlet stores might not be as good a deal as you think

A day at the outlets might not mean a day full of deals. Many brands now have lower-quality products produced just for the outlet stores.

'There was never a hint' anything was wrong, says owner of home tied to Bruce McArthur investigation

Karen Fraser says she never imagined that doing a good deed for a friend’s brother would land her at the centre of the Bruce McArthur investigation, one of the biggest crime stories in Canadian history.

Toronto van attack survivors struggle to rebuild lives

The Toronto van attack lasted a few minutes, but it altered the course of its victims' lives forever. This week marks new beginnings for two of them - So Ra, who lost her best friend and suffered severe injuries, and Beverly Smith, who is struggling to rebuild her life after losing her legs.

Man who disappeared from Toronto's Gay Village 'led double life,' wife learned

The wife of one of three men whose disappearances launched an investigation now linked to alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur says she learned from police months earlier that her missing husband led a double life and likely did not want to be found.

'It's a horror movie': Nursing home security footage provides raw picture of resident violence problem

A Marketplace investigation finds reports of resident-on-resident violence have risen sharply in Ontario nursing homes. The family of an 84-year-old victim shares his story.

Staff-to-resident abuse in long-term care homes up 148% from 2011

A year-long CBC Marketplace investigation reveals there were 2,198 reported incidents of staff-on-resident abuse in 2016. This means an average of six seniors were abused by their caregiver at a long-term care home every day.

Walmart says it has reduced food waste by 20% since CBC investigation

In the year since CBC Marketplace went digging through the trash at Walmart, the company says it has reduced its food waste in Canada by 20 per cent.

Moving bill shock leaves B.C. family scrambling to get their stuff

Long-distance moving companies often charge by weight — the more stuff you move, the more you pay. But when you don’t know how heavy your belongings are, it can create problems when it comes time to pay.

How you can cut waste, save money and eat well

The average Canadian household throws out between $1,000 and $1,500 worth of food each year. Here's how to avoid it.

Here's how much food Walmart throws away over 12 days

CBC Marketplace went through trash bins at two Walmart stores near Toronto to see how much food the company throws away.

A $31B problem: How Canada sucks at reducing food waste

France has made it illegal for supermarkets to waste food. Italy is offering tax breaks when businesses donate leftovers. In Canada, $31 billion worth of food ends up in landfills or composters each year. But a policy addressing our food waste isn't likely to be in place any time soon.