McDonald's goes all-Canadian with beef

McDonald's joins A&W, Burger King in upping Canadian beef quotient to help industry.

McDonald's Canada has followed the lead of other fast-food chains and will offer 100 per cent Canadian beef in all of its outlets across the country.

The move comes a week after Burger King and A&W announced they would increase the amount of homegrown beef at their restaurants in an effort to help the country's ailing beef industry.

"We're sensitive to the needs of our customers, Canadian cattle ranchers and the communities across the country that have been affected by the situation," said Bill Johnson, CEO of McDonald's Canada.

Johnson says the company is working closely with the industry to begin the process immediately.

The company says up to 80 per cent of beef used at its 1,300 locations is Canadian, with the rest supplied by Australia and New Zealand.

The company says it has been getting pressure from customers to use more Canadian beef.

Burger King Canada had previously bought half its beef from Canadian farmers but now the chain hopes to serve 100 per cent Canadian beef within a few weeks. A&W is striving for the same goal.