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Mark Gollom is a Toronto-based reporter with CBC News. He covers Canadian and U.S. politics and current affairs.

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Why wearing blackface or brownface is considered 'reprehensible'

Dressing in blackface or brownface is a hurtful, racist and offensive act that mocks, dehumanizes and belittles other cultures while feeding into some of the worst stereotypes of people of colour, community leaders and experts say, reacting to the actions of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Andrew Scheer campaigns in vote-rich Ontario — without Doug Ford

It was one of the more persistent questions hurled at Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer during his mini-tour through Ontario last week: Where's Doug Ford? His absence has raised questions as to whether Scheer is deliberately avoiding the Ontario premier, who has seen his popularity drop since his own election.

Renata Ford, Maxime Bernier pin hopes on 'Ford Nation' to capture Liberal riding

A federal election campaign launch in the Liberal Toronto riding of Etobicoke North would normally gather little media interest — except when a Ford is involved. That's why Maxime Bernier kicked off his election bid here, hoping to capitalize on the name of his star candidate, Renata Ford.

Oklahoma opioid ruling 'gives us a successful road map' for Canadian lawsuits, lawyer says

An Oklahoma judge found Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries helped fuel the state's opioid crisis, ordering the company to pay $572 million US. But will that judgment have any impact on cases currently before the courts in Canada?

Why the Koch brothers' political machine is 'unrivalled in America'

How the conservative, billionaire industrialists built one of the most influential lobbying machines of the last 40 years — despite clashing with Republicans on social issues.

'Jihadi Jack' has a constitutional right to come to Canada. But getting in may not be so easy

Jack Letts has every right as a Canadian citizen to come to Canada, legal analysts say, but the man dubbed "Jihadi Jack" by the media and accused of being an ISIS fighter may not have an easy time getting into the country

Trudeau vs. Dion: How the PM and ethics commissioner differ on the SNC-Lavalin affair

Mario Dion's newly released report reveals the divide between the ethics commissioner and the prime minister, and their differing views on whether Justin Trudeau and his staff acted appropriately in their dealings with then justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould over the SNC-Lavalin file. Here's a breakdown on how Dion and Trudeau saw things.

McLellan advises against splitting roles of attorney general, justice minister

The dual role of Canada's attorney general and justice minister that's now carried out by the same cabinet minister doesn't need to be split, says a report by former deputy minister Anne McLellan. It was released the same day as the ethics commissioner's scathing report on the prime minister and SNC-Lavalin.

'Utter nonsense' that lenient bail system is a cause of Toronto shootings: lawyer

Claims by Toronto's police chief and mayor that a too lenient bail system for those accused of gun-related offences is one of the causes for the rash of shootings in the city "is complete and utter nonsense," the head of the Canadian Lawyers Association says.

Ontario man receives suspended sentence for accidental death of son on family farm

An Ontario farmer found guilty of criminal negligence in the accidental death of his four-year-old son on their farm nearly a year ago has been given a suspended sentence with three years probation. 

Ontario farmer learns today if he goes to jail for accidental death of his son

It's a shared sentiment by many in the Ontario rural community of Grey Highlands that Emanuel Bauman has paid enough for the accidental death of his four-year-old son. Yet Bauman faces a possible jail sentence in what is believed to be a precedent-setting case.

Families of Wettlaufer's victims hope 'something good might come out of this'

Family and friends of the victims of Elizabeth Wettlaufer hope changes will be made following the release of the inquiry report looking into the crimes of the serial killer nurse.

Police appeal for new information in decades-old disappearances in Ontario cottage country

Police in Ontario are appealing for new information in the suspected homicides of four seniors who mysteriously disappeared in cottage country more than two decades ago. 
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Why triad gangsters may have attacked pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters

Hong Kong police continue to investigate the motive behind a violent attack against pro-democracy protesters at a subway station. Some of the attackers are believed to have connections to triads. CBC News explains who the triads are and their possible connection to government officials.

How air conditioning gave us skyscrapers, President Reagan and saved countless lives

During these sweltering days, many people likely take air conditioning for granted — one of those modern-day conveniences that make life at work, or sleep at home, a little more pleasant. But the world-changing invention of air conditioning has been a literal lifesaver.