Manjula Selvarajah

Tech Columnist

Manjula Selvarajah is a journalist, producer and syndicated tech columnist for CBC Radio One. In her former role, she was vice president marketing at a Toronto-based tech startup and holds an engineering degree from Queen’s University. Send your story ideas to

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You don't read terms of service agreements, so let a bot do it

Experts say the length and complexity of terms of service agreements deter people from reading them and warn our privacy is at risk. But here are some tips to help protect your privacy and stay informed.

Allowance apps are the modern piggy banks and they could really help your kids

Canadian youth get top marks for financial literacy but more than one in ten 15-year-olds struggle with basic financial skills. But new allowance apps can help them manage their chores and allowance.

Rise of classroom management apps makes hiding your report card obsolete

Classroom management apps, like ClassDojo, FreshGrade and Google Classroom, are popular tools in school. But some education critics have concerns, specifically when it comes to privacy.

'Franken-algorithms' and the unpredictable world of computer learning

There are concerns about whether or not the programmers building the savvy algorithms that run our lives are still in control of their creations.

Businesses are using micro personalization to target customers

Companies have been trying to personalize the client experience for years and now artificial intelligence is allowing them to target customer beyond name and purchase behaviour.

How activists are fighting back against facial recognition

Academics and activists are calling out the dangers of facial recognition technology and advocating for a privacy first approach.