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Manjula Dufresne has worked at the CBC on The National, CBC News Network, Go Public and the Investigative unit for three decades in Toronto and Vancouver.

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Details of immigration fraud investigation revealed in court document

A document filed by a officer with the Canada Border Services Agency to obtain a search warrant offers a rare glimpse at how CBSA officers carried out part of their complex immigration fraud investigation, which has led to dozens of charges against a pair of Langley immigration consultants.

B.C. to announce new rules to curb youth vaping as public health concerns increase

The provincial government is set to announce wide-ranging regulations on vaping products to help deal with skyrocketing rates among youth.

RCMP won't proceed with new conduct charges after officer cleared of old ones

Insp. Suki Manj has no more allegations hanging over his head after the RCMP decided against reinstating previous allegations against him over his handling of an office romance between two employees under his command in Lloydminster, Alta.

Mountie files lawsuit against RCMP alleging 'malicious prosecution' after being cleared of misconduct

Two B.C. Mounties fear their careers have been ruined even though they have been cleared of misconduct allegations over their handling of an extra-marital affair between two co-workers. One of them faces some reinstated allegations of misconduct by the RCMP.

RCMP inspector says allegations he mishandled employees' romance left him feeling 'betrayed'

Disagreements over what to do about an office romance between employees under his command have landed RCMP Inspector Sukhjit Manj before an internal tribunal, fighting for his career after trying to "find out the truth."

Veteran RCMP officer faces conduct hearing for how he handled relationship under his command

The 23-year veteran is now facing an internal code of conduct hearing over allegations that he didn’t carry out his duties appropriately when he drew attention to an affair while he ran the RCMP detachment in Lloydminster, on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.

'I just wanna die,' distraught Lisa Batstone told police after killing her daughter

A B.C. court has released an RCMP interview with Lisa Batstone on the day her daughter was killed. It reveals her fears and state of mind and was a critical piece of evidence for both the Crown and defence in Batstone's trial.

Jamie Bacon trial hears from woman who heard shots

Woman who made 911 call after hearing shots on New Year's Eve testifies at the trial of Jamie Bacon who is charged with ordering the shooting of a partner in the drug trade.

B.C. wants to seize 2 properties of illegal immigration consultant

B.C.'s Civil Forfeiture Office is going after properties related to convicted immigration consultant Sunny Wang, who falsified documents for about 1,200 clients to meet immigration and citizenship requirements, which brought him an estimated $10 million.

Jamie Bacon trial underway in Vancouver 10 years after alleged offence

Jamie Bacon's trial for counselling an associate to kill another associate in Mission is expected to take 10 weeks and is under a number of publication bans.
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City of Vancouver on hook for $10 million cost of capping massive groundwater leak

Three years after a massive water leak that cost the City of Vancouver $10 million and took several months to contain, no one has been held responsible: not the drillers and not the owner of the property, Feng Lin Liu, who wanted to build a large house with a geothermal heat exchange system.

18 years after Jassi Sidhu's killing, concerns voiced about trial's outcome

Though Malkit Sidhu and Surjit Badesha have been extradited to India to face conspiracy charges in the death of Jassi Sidhu, nearly 19 years later, those who follow the case closely are concerned they will be acquitted.

Batstone murder trial wraps after 3 months

The three month trial has wrapped, and the judge is going to deliver her verdict in March, but family members who attended are still torn with grief about the little girl who was killed by her mother.

Crown and defence agree Batstone smothered daughter

Defence wrapped up closing arguments in the trial of Lisa Batstone arguing that the mother smothered her eight year old because she was under a lot of stress and may have had borderline personality disorder.

'Dr. Lipjob' nets suspended sentence for illegally injecting botox

Rajdeep Kaur Khakh who went by the handle "Dr. Lipjob" has been given a 30-day suspended sentence by a B.C. court for illegally pretending to be a doctor and injecting unsuspecting clients with dermal fillers.