House ends up looking like a big yellow 'warning sign' after paint job gone wrong

Standing amid a row of whites, beige and blues, Marina Havard’s house sticks out like a sore, very yellow, thumb.

Marina Havard says her house is so bright, it glows in the dark

Marina Havard's house on Dudley Avenue has been attracting a lot of attention since a recent paint job turned it from a subtle off white to a bright neon yellow. (Sarah Petz/CBC )

Standing amid a row of whites, beige and blues, Marina Havard's house sticks out like a sore, very yellow, thumb.

"Our whole house looks like a warning sign, and that's kind of how we feel about it," Havard said.

The neon yellow colour of Havard's house on Dudley Avenue in Winnipeg is the result of a paint job gone wrong. It's been attracting the attention of passersby since the colour was painted on Wednesday, with several people stopping to take pictures, Havard said.

Although pictures don't really do it justice. The colour is so bright, at night, the house looks like it's glowing, the homeowner said. 

Havard said she was going for a cute, subtle yellow. (Sarah Petz/CBC )

Havard said she wanted her home painted a subtle light yellow after seeing a similar looking house near her daughter's school.

"I thought the colour was just really nice. It was a cute, calm yellow," she said.

She says she picked out a similar colour, called "Butter Up," on a paint company's mobile app.

Havard asked house-painters to match it, and when they showed her a patch they'd mixed and painted on the back of the house last Wednesday, it looked about the same as what she'd seen on the app. So, she decided to get on with her day, taking her kids to the splash pad, and leave the painters to it.

The house certainly stands out on Dudley Avenue. (Sarah Petz/CBC )

When the family arrived home, Havard said she could see her house from blocks away. It was painted a bright, neon yellow, similar to colour you'd find on road signs.

"I was like, 'No no.' And it became apparent that this is, in fact, our house and we were floored — I mean to say the least," she said.

"And then we watched the moon shine off it, trying to calm down."

Havard says the painting company has offered to repaint the house for free, but unfortunately, they will have to use whatever colour can cover up the bright yellow colour.

She says she takes responsibility for the paint job gone bad, and wishes she had just gone into a paint store and got someone to mix the colours there.

Havard said in the future, she will be sure to go to a paint store and consult with someone before getting her house painted. (Sarah Petz/CBC )

"I was too relaxed, and what I should have done was gone to the store, and immediately picked up the colours with the colour experts and given them the actual swatches," she said.

"But you know, I was a first time homeowner. I didn't know that you have to be so careful about these things."

For now, Havard hopes her neighbours don't hate her too much.

"I think it's quite an eyesore for the neighbourhood."