Provincial budget does no re-election favours for Winnipeg's mayor

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Finance Minister Cameron Friesen did Brian Bowman absolutely zero favours with a provincial budget that ignored the only two tangible requests made by Winnipeg's mayor.

2018 Manitoba budget focused on tax cuts is more like 'most disappointing ever,' says CCPA

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister’s statement that budget 2018 was going to be the "best budget ever" has fallen a bit flat, says Lynne Fernandez of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

'It's a very big deal': carbon tax revenue to be put in conservation fund, though details unclear

Green projects in Manitoba will get a roughly $5 million annual boost through the province’s newly-announced trust fund, although how the money will be spent and when it will begin to flow is still unclear.

'Carbon confusion' makes this a 'bad' budget for Manitoba, say critics

People from across the political and economic spectrums are having a hard time seeing the positives in what they call a hazy carbon pricing scheme presented Monday in the provincial 2018-19 budget.

Carbon tax clear but Manitoba's environment strategy murky

On the first day of climate-change school, Manitoba's premier stood in front of the class and essentially said his dog ate his homework.​

Budget 2018: Manitoba starts slaying deficit dragon

Manitoba plans to tax more, spend more and slash a third of its core deficit this year in a provincial budget that leans heavily on new fossil-fuel charges and more money from Ottawa.

2018 Manitoba budget highlights

The 2018 Manitoba budget, tabled in the legislature Monday, is a whopping $17.4 billion, up from $17.1 billion in the last budget. So what does that get you?

Manitoba carbon tax will hit drivers but many big emitters will be exempt

Average Manitobans will pay an extra $125 per year at the pumps when the carbon tax takes effect on Sept. 1, the Progressive Conservatives' 2018-19 spending plan says.

How to follow CBC's coverage of the Manitoba 2018 budget

Tune in to CBC Manitoba for full coverage of the 2018 provincial budget online, on social media, on radio and on TV.

5 new schools part of what Brian Pallister calls Manitoba's 'best budget ever'

The Progressive Conservatives' third budget will feature the "made-in-Manitoba" climate change plan and funding to build five new schools along with an economic outlook that will update Manitoba's deficit.



Manitoba's finances give Pallister wiggle room but will more cuts be coming in Monday's budget?

The province's massive deficit has gotten a little smaller under the Tories and new revenue streams coming this year give Premier Brian Pallister some wiggle room for Monday's budget. But will he use it to put money in the wallets of Manitobans or put it toward the deficit?


Tories break new budget shoes tradition for 3rd time

For the third year in a row, Manitoba Finance Minister Cameron Friesen didn't buy a new pair of shoes to wear while delivering the budget. Instead, he gave sport shoes to two teens who frequent the Youth for Christ centre at Main Street and Higgins Avenue.

Fiscal restraint will continue as Manitoba works toward balanced budget: premier

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says his Progressive Conservative government's upcoming budget will cut income taxes and ambulance fees, while also moving the province further toward a balanced budget.

Manitoba budget to be presented in March

Finance Minister Cameron Friesen will present Manitoba’s 2018 budget on March 12.

Manitoba film tax credit still under review, despite $217M-boost from feds, province says

The Manitoba government will benefit from the biggest jump in federal equalization payments in a decade, but says it's still keeping an eye on spending controls that include a review of a major tax credit for the film industry.