Wolves trapped, killed after dogs attacked earlier this year, says Manitoba Conservation

Manitoba Conservation says two black wolves were trapped and killed in the Victoria Beach and Hillside Beach area, but pet owners are still being warned to remain vigilant as trappers search for more wolves.

Manitoba Conservation says two black wolves were killed in the Victoria Beach and Hillside Beach area

This wolf set off a motion-sensitive camera along a trail near Hillside Beach recently. A series of attacks on large dogs have people in communities north of Winnipeg on edge. (Government of Manitoba)

Manitoba Conservation says two black wolves have been killed in the Victoria Beach and Hillside Beach area, and it's believed they are the same animals responsible for the fatal attacks on pets earlier this year.

The province sent a trapper to the area after three dogs were killed by a pack of wolves in mid September.

A fourth dog was also injured in a separate attack.

Barry Verbiwski is Manitoba Conservation's head of fur-bearer and human wildlife conflict management.

Verbiwski said the trapper is still searching for two other wolves and he's asking pet owners to remain vigilant.

"Don't chain your dog up in the backyard cause the dog won't be able to defend itself if a wolf does come through, and be vigilant. Be bear smart, be wildlife smart." he said.

Hair and tissue samples from the wolves that were killed have been sent for DNA analysis.  

Their remains are now with the provincial vet , who will check their stomach contents to determine if either animal was involved in the dog attacks earlier this year.


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