What's your winter chill factor? Discover your winter personality and embrace the season

Are you a cool cat? A winter denier? An ice-thusiast? Our chill factor personalities are here to help you cope with the cold.

Are you a trail blazer, a hibernator or a heat seeker?

Do you dive into winter snow boots first? Or do you take the first opportunity to find somewhere to warm up? Read on to discover what your own 'chill factor' is. (Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

It's the middle of winter again … in Canada … and we know how that feels for you all.

Or do we?

While many of us are complaining about wind chill and looking to get the heck out of the fridge, others are fully ready and willing to jump right in, wearing multiple layers and a mile-long scarf. 

Hitting the mid-stretch of winter got CBC Manitoba thinking — who are we in winter? And how do we not only survive the harsh climes, but thrive?

So in the vein of our "summer like a boss" piece, we brought back Winnipeg illustrator Kristin McPherson of Happyland Print Shop to bring a few winter alter egos to life.

(P.S.: We even have a bunch of cool swag to give away — see details at the bottom of this story.)

Are you a Do-Gooder? 

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: Thor has his Mjolnir, Wonder Woman has her Lasso of Truth, and you have a snow shovel, tire chains, and your jumper cables.

You spring into action, shovelling neighbours' sidewalks, pushing strangers' vehicles from snowbanks and jump-starting winter-weary cars on any corner.

You are the hero we all need. 

Are you an Ice-thusiast?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: You look to the skies, willing snowflakes to fall and temperatures to drop every year.

When the perfect conditions prevail, you grab a garden hose and start flooding your yard, vowing, "This will be the year I make the best backyard rink on the block."

Your skill set and passion projects also include making your own mini-luges, quinzhees, snow castles and snow forts — lighting optional. 

Are you a Denier?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: You are the guy Rollerblading on sidewalks during a snowstorm, wearing a sombrero and drinking a slushie. (That actually happened in Winnipeg.)

You wear shorts well into the sub-zeroes. Your motto? "Why wear tights when bare legs are better with my outfit?"

On the first warmish winter day, you doff your parka for a hoodie. You drink slushies at –50 C because the cold never bothered you anyway. 

Are you a Trail Blazer?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: You conquer the cold. You soak in the fresh, brisk air by walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or biking. 

Bracing temperatures make you feel alive. You may also find your bliss at the helm of a snowmobile, zipping along trails and exploring new terrain.

Your motto? "Dress in layers. Live your best life."

Are you a Heat Seeker?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: You are addicted to your office space heater, electric blankets, and heating pads. You may or may not have an emergency sweater, scarf, or throw (a.k.a. a mini blanket) at work for emergency temperature fluctuations.

You surreptitiously crank the thermostat at home (yours or others') and work (yours or others').

When those strategies don't work, you pull the plug, book an all-inclusive and head south for warmer climes. 

Are you a Carb Loader?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: The temperature dips and biology kicks in. Your body craves carbs — mac and cheese, perogies, pasta, and all the bread.

Bring. It. On. 

Are you a Hibernator?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: Winter isn't your jam. You hunker down in your PJs for some quality time with your pals Crave, Prime, Apple TV, Netflix and CBC Gem.

You are a binge watcher. There is no shame in that game.

You seek out other hibernators, sharing your fave shows, movies, podcasts and books.

You venture outdoors when required (or forced), primarily for work, school, and sustenance. 

Are you a Cool Cat?

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: Come fall, you can't wait to rescue your fabulous winter parka, your fashionable boots and your cute tuques from storage. A sanded sidewalk is your runway.

You may or may not also have matching winter warm-up gear for your pets. 

Are you a Socializer? 

(Kristin McPherson/Happyland Print Shop)

That means: You are a social creature by nature. Plunging temperatures and snowy streets don't stop you from hitting your favourite coffee bar, café, brewery or bar for a cold or warm drink with friends. 

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