Winnipeggers invited to up their skills at DIY festival

Winnipeg will be hosting it's first Upskilling Festival on Saturday, organized by Transition Winnipeg.
Upskilling Festival organizer James Magnus-Johnston says people can reduce their carbon footprint by learning how to start their own garden. (CBC)

Winnipeg will be hosting it's first Upskilling Festival on Saturday, organized by Transition Winnipeg. 

People are invited to sign up for the festival and learn a thing or two that your grandma never taught you. 

Starting at 9:30 a.m. on the Canadian Mennonite University campus, a series of do-it-yourself, or DIY, classes will revive skills that may have skipped a generation or two, such as fermentation and starting your own garden. 

James Magnus-Johnston, the festival's organizer, told CBC's Up to Speed that DIY culture is back in vogue. 

"it's almost cool again," said Magnus-Johnston.

"I think folks know that our way of life is somewhat unsustainable and that we need to learn how to reconnect with some of the things. We need to re-localize the economy, we need to reduce our fossil fuel requirements. And I also think we're just tired of having to buy everything," he said Friday.

Things like buying a new pair of jeans when they rip, or buying all of your produce at the grocery store, are unsustainable. he said.

The alternative? Learning how to fix those pants yourself and grow your own tomatoes — and any other DIY skills that shrink your carbon foot print, Magnus-Johnson said. 


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