Winnipeggers asked to swap guns for cameras

Winnipeggers are being asked to point and shoot cameras rather than guns.
Winnipeg police are encouraging gun owners in Winnipeg to trade in their weapons for a camera. (Carla Oliveira/CBC)

Winnipeggers are being asked to point and shoot cameras rather than guns.

Throughout the month of November, anyone who wants to get rid of a firearm can arrange to do so with police.

The program, dubbed Pixels for Pistols, is a partnership between the city police, Henry's Photo, and Panasonic.

In exchange for a working firearm, they'll receive a Panasonic FH8 digital point-and-shoot camera and a Henry’s school of imaging gift card, at a value of $240.

For every non-working or replica firearm someone turns in, they'll get a Henry's school of imaging gift card of $75.

"We're simply saying, 'Let's take those out of circulation — less opportunities for the bad guys to get their hands on your gun,'" acting police Chief Devon Clunis told reporters on Thursday.

Amnesty from Firearms Act

People who participate in the exchange will receive amnesty from the Firearms Act for possession and storage offences.

However, each gun will be investigated, and should any be linked to criminal activity, individuals could face prosecution.

"As a community it is important that we work together to ensure the safety of our citizens. This initiative is a practical way for citizens to help police keep guns out of the hands of criminals, making Winnipeg a safer community," Clunis said.

Police stress they do not want firearms turned in at the camera store or at any Winnipeg police stations.

Instead, anyone who wants to handover their handgun is asked to call police at (204) 986-6222 and officers will come and pick it up.