Winnipeg tween launches Halloween costume drive for inner-city kids

Callie Costello, 12, known for her backpacks for homeless Winnipeggers, now wants to collect Halloween costumes for underprivileged kids.

People can donate costumes at CBC Manitoba, 541 Portage Ave., and 18 other locations

Winnipeg’s Callie Costello shows off costumes donated to inner-city Winnipeg kids. (Facebook/Crystal Costello)

A Winnipeg preteen who collected dozens of backpacks for homeless Winnipeggers now wants to give a happy Halloween to the city's inner-city kids.

Callie Costello, 12, is asking people to donate children's costumes to make sure trick-or-treaters across the city get a chance to play dress-up.

"There are a lot of kids out there without Halloween costumes, which is sad, because Halloween is about kids," Costello said.

After seeing the difference some of her own costumes made for other kids, Costello decided to expand the idea citywide. Her mother, Crystal Costello, said she used to take her two daughters' gently used costumes to school for students who didn't have costumes to wear.

"Every year (there would be) those kids who didn't have costumes," said Crystal Costello, "Everybody is talking to their best friends about 'Wow, what a cool costume,' and they're just sitting there feeling left out."

Several people are helping get the word out so Costello can reach her goal of 100 costumes by Halloween, her mom said: Sangeetha Nair of Hateless Canada, blogger Lisa Webinger, Belinda Squance and members of Winnipeg's cosplay community. 
Callie Costello and her mother Crystal Costello hope to collect 100 costumes for Winnipeg kids by Halloween. (CBC)

The Costumes for Kids drive has 19 drop-off donation sites. In the past week of the drive, they have received 25 costumes, said Crystal Costello.

People can donate costumes or parts of costumes (such as wigs, wings or hats) at CBC Manitoba, 541 Portage Ave.

The other drop-off locations are: 520 Corydon Ave.; 939 Warsaw Ave.; 527 Rathgar Ave.; 1100 Lee Blvd. S.; 347 Second St. S.; 91 George Suttie Bay; 15 Nugent Rd.; 413 Marjorie St.; 81 Deer Lodge Place; 208 Roseberry Rd.; 396 Ferry Rd.; 7 Cornwall Blvd.; 622 Victor St.; 300- 245 McDermot Ave.; 230 Parkville Bay; Ecole Bonaventure School Office; 17 Meadowview Place; 210 Heartland Trail.


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