Winnipeg sees warmest temp in six months

The long awaited warm-up is here as southern Manitoba finally starts feeling some heat.

Winnipeg gears up for weekend warm-up

9 years ago
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Temperatures are finally going to be spring-like in Winnipeg this weekend, and crews are preparing for the impending snow melt and potential flooding.

The long awaited warm-up is here as southern Manitoba finally starts feeling some heat.

The temperature in Winnipeg on Wednesday reached 5.2 C.

While that's far below the normal daytime high of 14 C for this time of year, it's the first time in six months that Winnipeg has been that warm.

The last time the mercury went up to 5 C was on Halloween Day.

"That is the latest we have ever gone into April without seeing five degrees. So that is a new record," said CBC weather specialist Marilyn Maki.

The temperature Thursday also went up to 5 C, according to Environment Canada. That is expected to usher in more warm air and push the temperatures to 13 C on Friday, 18 C on Saturday and 16 C on Sunday.