Winnipeg's Saturday mosquito-fogging schedule (Aug. 29)

Here's your mosquito-fogging schedule for Aug. 29:
Mosquito populations have varied across the country this summer, with some cities, like Edmonton, swarmed with the pests while others, like Winnipeg, enjoying a relatively skeeter-free season. (iStock)

Here's your mosquito-fogging schedule for Aug. 29:


Insect Management Area (IMA)



La Barriere, Parc La Salle, Perrault, Richmond Lakes, St. Norbert, Trappistes, Turnbull Drive


Agassiz, Cloutier Drive, Fort Richmond, Montcalm, University


Fairfield Park, Richmond West, Waverley West, Waverley Heights, Bridgwater Centre, Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater Lakes,

Bridgwater Trails, South Pointe, South Pointe West


Tuxedo Industrial, West Perimeter South, Whyte Ridge, Wilkes South


Brockville, Buffalo, Chevrier, Linden Ridge, Lindenwoods,

Pembina Strip, West Fort Garry Industrial


Beaumont, Crescent Park, Maybank, Parker, Point Road, Wildwood


Betsworth, Ridgewood South, River West Park, Roblin Park, Southboine, Westdale


Edgeland, Old Tuxedo, South Tuxedo, Tuxedo,


Central River Heights, J.B. Mitchell, Mathers, Sir John Franklin,

South River Heights


Crescentwood, North River Heights, Wellington Crescent


Earl Grey, Ebby Wentworth, Grant Park, McMillan, Rockwood, Roslyn


Lord Roberts, River - Osborne, Riverview

The City of Winnipeg's Insect Control Branch was able to complete all areas scheduled for fogging on Friday night.

Buffer zones

Crews will ensure that the sprayer is not treating within 90 metres on each side of a buffer-registered property on the front street, side street, and rear lane, the city said.

Property owners not wanting insecticides applied on or adjacent to their principal residence may register for a buffer zone.

You must provide identification such as a photocopy or scanned document, like a driver's licence or utility bill. A 72-hour turnaround time is required before the zone will be registered.

There are four different options to register:

In writing to Insect Control Branch at: 3 Grey Street, Winnipeg, MB R2L 1V2.
Faxing 311
In person at 1539 Waverley Street.

Look up the number of households that registered for buffer zones in your neighbourhood, between 2012 and 2015, by typing the first three characters of your postal code in the chart below.