Winnipeg's mayor says don't count the Jets out yet

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman says the Jets are just like the city, never count them out in a crunch. He says despite the Jets being down 3-0 against the Anaheim Ducks, the the team can come back and win the series. He praises the energy in the city, calling it electric.

Brian Bowman says the city's energy will help carry the team to a win in the playoffs

Winnipeg's Mayor Brian Bowman says Jets fans are doing their hometown proud and showing Canada and North America never to count the team or the city out. (CBC)

Despite last night's loss and the Winnipeg Jets being down 3-0 in the playoff series against the Anaheim Ducks, Winnipeg's Mayor is optimistic.

"We've got the Jets flags flying proudly and you know what? We're not out. You never count Winnipeg or the Jets out," Bowman told CBC's Information Radio.

Since the team made the playoffs the city has been a sea of white for the Winnipeg White Out in support of the Jets.

Bowman said he couldn't be more proud.

"It's just a lot of fun and you know what it's such a great opportunity to show Canada and North America what we're made of. So I just want to compliment everybody for really doing us proud. It's so wonderful to be able to shine a spotlight on Winnipeg," Bowman said.

The fan frenzy is expected to continue with at least one more playoff game in Winnipeg tomorrow night against the Ducks.

"Oh, it's just incredible and you know what, kudos to the fans and to Winnipeggers for showing their hometown proud. I mean it was just electric last night to see the fans and we've been seeing that throughout the playoffs and really throughout the year."

 If the Jets lose Wednesday night the team will be out of the playoffs.


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