Warm weather closes river skating trail, Forks rinks

The dramatic turn in weather in Winnipeg has closed the city’s popular Red River Mutual Trail.

The Red River Mutual Trail and rinks at The Forks are closed until further notice

Skating rinks at The Forks and the Red River Mutual Trail are closed until further notice. (

The dramatic turn in weather in Winnipeg has closed the city's popular Red River Mutual Trail and all skating rinks at The Forks until further notice.

The Red River Trail runs on the Assiniboine River from a port at The Forks to Osborne Village as well as part of the Red River toward the Norwood Bridge.

Chelsea Thomson, a spokeswoman for The Forks, said mild weather and rain Winnipeg received Friday left puddles of waters on the skating trail.

The trail's closure had some people who had hoped to skate Saturday disappointed, including Krystin Kotze, an international student volunteering in Winnipeg.

"I've never seen snow before," Kotze said, adding she was looking forward to setting foot on the frozen Red River.

Mike Masyoluk is sharpening skates for when the trail reopens. (Thomas Asselin / CBC)

Mike Masyoluk, a skate sharpener at The Forks, said the temporary closure will mean smoother skating for people when the trail reopens.

​"We haven't had a chance to really sharpen a lot of the skates, so this way the next day or two I guess I'll be [doing] nothing but standing out here and sharpening skates.

"Everybody will be happy because all the skates will be sharpened." 

Pop-up river restaurant still open

While you can't skate on the river, you can still get a bite to eat on it.

Joe Kalturnyk is the co-owner of RAW:almond, the pop-up restaurant at The Forks on the Assiniboine River.

Kalturnyk said the warm weather has created some challenges for staff at the restaurant, but it's still open to foodies who have bought tickets.

He said staff have dealt with issues on the river before. "It kind of goes with the territory."

Kalturnyk said there's not a flood of water in the restaurant's tent, but staff are having to mop and keep checking problem spots. 

Winnipeggers bundle up for five-course tasting menus during the 2013 edition of RAW/Almond, the outdoor pop-up restaurant at The Forks. (Robin Summerfield/CBC)