Home care delays possible in Winnipeg due to scheduling software issue: WRHA

Winnipeg's health region is warning some people who rely on home care that they may see a delay because of a software issue that's affecting a scheduling system.

Home care needs 'more robust system,' says cerebral palsy association executive director

A home care worker helps a senior take a shower in a bathroom. Some Winnipeggers who rely on home care may see a delay on Monday due to a problem with the scheduling software, the WRHA says. (CGN089/Shutterstock)

Winnipeg's health region is warning some people who rely on home care to watch for delays while a software issue is affecting their scheduling system.

Those who haven't received their scheduled home care visit on Monday should activate any backup care plans they have in place, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said in a news release on Monday.

Technical support teams are working to fix the issue and expect to have the system fully restored Monday afternoon.

Those with urgent issues that need immediate attention should call their community health office. 

But the office may not be able to help some people who require home care, including those who might feel the loss of their independence or safety.

David Kron is the executive director of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba, and says some of his members could be significantly impacted by the loss of home care, even if it's just temporary.

He pointed to one member in particular whose homecare has been cancelled several times in recent months, impacting her safety.

"If home care doesn't come to her home, she doesn't come out of bed in the morning. She can't eat. She can't take any of her personal care and she doesn't get her medications on time," Kron said. "That is a necessity of life and yet she wants to live an independent life, but she needs that care."

He's been told by some members of the association that home care workers sometimes show up late or poorly trained, and sometimes don't show up at all. 

Kron argues there's no reliability built into the system.

"I think home care needs to have a bit more of a robust system. It needs to have backup plans that work in partnership with individuals," he said.

"Let's work together so that home care is the solution that it needs to be."

Those with urgent home care issues occurring after 4:30 p.m. should call the after-hours service line at 204-788-8331, the WRHA says.

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