Winnipeg police officer escapes serious injury after crash

A Winnipeg police officer is lucky to have escaped serious injury after his vehicle was rear ended this afternoon. It happened around 2 o'clock on Fermor Avenue and Navin Street. Const. Rob Carver says the officer was in an unmarked police SUV on a traffic stop when he was struck.

Winnipeg police officer shaken but otherwise uninjured after patrol vehicle rear ended on Fermor

A Winnipeg police officer on a traffic stop was inside an unmarked SUV when his vehicle was struck on Fermor Avenue Sunday afternoon. (Dave Gaudet/CBC)

A Winnipeg police officer is lucky to have escaped serious injury after his vehicle was rear ended Sunday afternoon. The officer was in an unmarked police vehicle conducting a traffic stop on Fermor Avenue and Navin Street around 2 p.m., when he was hit.

"The officer was inside the vehicle. He is shaken up but it doesn't sound like anything serious," said Winnipeg police const. Rob Carver.

Carver said the officer had just pulled over a car for a traffic violation travelling Westbound on Fermor. Both vehicles were pulled off the road and parked on the shoulder when the police SUV was struck from behind.

How do you not see a stopped cop car with lights?- Const. Rob Carver

The speed limit is 90km/hour on that stretch of roadway, but miraculously no one was seriously injured.

"The person who was driving the vehicle that struck the traffic car had some minor injuries and sounds like it pushed it into the car that was being stopped and that person's fine," said Carver. "Luckily everyone is alright."

It's not  yet clear why the driver didn't notice the police car prior to the crash. Carver said its too soon to know if charges will be laid but that police are still investigating.
An officer maps the scene after a vehicle rear-ended a Winnipeg Police SUV on Fermor Avenue, just west of the Perimeter highway (Dave Gaudet/CBC)

"I don't have the answer for that one just yet we're still working on some of the details but it certainly does beg the question: how do you not see a stopped cop car with lights."

Carver said traffic stops are by far the most dangerous calls for police officers.

"We know that across North America, that the biggest risk to an officer of all the risks to them is traffic stops and it's being hit by other drivers," Carver said.  

"We practice safe techniques that are shared across North America and they still fail to keep our officers from getting hit so pay attention please."

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