Couple calls police after hearing 5 gun shots in East Kildonan

A couple who lives in East Kildonan says they called police after the sound of gun shots woke them up early Sunday morning.

Police tape, evidence markers placed in area of Henderson Highway and Hazel Dell Avenue

Police taped off a section of road in the area of Hazel Dell and Henderson Highway Sunday morning while officers investigated a scene. (Cliff Simpson/CBC)

A couple who lives in East Kildonan says they called police after the sound of gun shots woke them up early Sunday morning.

Winnipeg police spread evidence markers on the ground and stretched police tape across an area near the Henderson Highway and Hazel Dell Avenue intersection Sunday.

Officers investigated a scene and had a checkstop van in the area. Police tape was also stretched around a home in the 200 block of Hazel Dell.

The couple said they heard five shots ring out in the early morning hours; another neighbour, Georgina Knight, says she heard shots come from a home across the street.
Police tape stretched across both ends of this section of a backlane behind Henderson Highway Sunday morning. (Cliff Simpson/CBC)

"We heard three really loud bangs," Knight said. "My son thought maybe I had fallen so he came running up the stairs. My dog was barking and I thought it was maybe fireworks," Knight said.

She said she realized it was likely gun shots that she heard after several police cars showed up on her street in the morning.
Police tape stretches across part of a backlane behind Henderson Highway. (Cliff Simpson/CBC)

The street used to be considered a quiet area, Knight says, but in the last couple of years the neighbourhood has changed.

"I've lived here almost five years now and things were pretty quiet the first three years," she said. "Then we had new neighbours move in at the corner, and since they came in we've had a lot of strange people showing up in the neighbourhood, lots of loud music coming from the house, lots of pimped up cars in the neighbourhood, parties going on."

The couple who initially called police said emergency crews arrived and took one person away from a home on Hazel Dell in an ambulance.

Two damaged cars were also seen in a backlane behind a building on Henderson.

No more details are available at this time.