Winnipeg MPs Mihychuk and Carr named to Justin Trudeau's cabinet

Winnipeg MPs Jim Carr and MaryAnn Mihychuk have been named to the federal Liberal cabinet under Justin Trudeau, who was sworn in Wednesday morning as Canada's 23rd prime minister.

Swearing-in ceremony 'absolutely thrilling,' says MaryAnn Mihychuk, minister of employment

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      Winnipeg MPs Jim Carr and MaryAnn Mihychuk have been named to the federal Liberal cabinet under Justin Trudeau, who was sworn in Wednesday morning as Canada's 23rd prime minister.

      Carr (Winnipeg South Centre) is the new minister of natural resources and Mihychuk (Kildonan-St.Paul) is minister of employment, workforce development and labour.

      "It's absolutely thrilling, and thousands of Canadians … were there at Rideau Hall," Mihychuk told CBC News on Wednesday afternoon.

      "My mom, who's 99, came out to watch the swearing-in ceremony. So it's all so special to be able to be here."

      Both have previous government experience — at the provincial level.

      Mihychuk held several provincial cabinet portfolios from 1999 to 2004 in the NDP government of Manitoba, while Carr, the founding chief executive of the Business Council of Manitoba, served in the Manitoba legislature for the Liberal Party from 1988-91.

      They are among seven Liberal MPs elected Oct. 19 — all from Winnipeg ridings. No Liberal candidates were elected in Manitoba outside of the city.

      Mihychuk said her first priority as minister of employment, workforce development and labour is to mend relations with the federal public service, which had an acrimonious relationship with Stephen Harper's Conservative government.

      She said she will "start to rebuild relationships with labour, with the unions, with the public service that felt ignored or misused and threatened."


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