Winnipeg man's killer given 105-year sentence in Puerto Rico

A restaurant worker convicted of murdering a Canadian executive in Puerto Rico was sentenced Thursday to 105 years in prison.

A restaurant worker convicted of murdering a Canadian executive in Puerto Ricowas sentenced Thursdayto 105 years in prison.

Jonathan Roman Riviera, 24, was sentenced Thursday for the murder of Winnipeg native Adam Anhang, 32, who was beaten and stabbed as he walked along the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan in September 2005.

Asked by Judge Abelardo Bermudez if he had any final remarks before sentencing, Riviera replied simply: "I'm not involved in this."

Anhang's father, Abe, who lives in Winnipeg, told CBC News he feels justice has been done, but he derives no satisfaction in the long sentence his son's killer received.

"I can tell you one thing: There was no sense of satisfaction or pleasure.There really is not," he said. "The fact that the guy is going to have to sit in jail for 105 years… he's never going to get out, it doesn't bring me any solace.

"It will never bring our son back, so what's the point?On the other hand, justice has been done."

Father to continue investigating

Anhang said he and the local police believe other people were involved in his son's murder, and he has renewed hope they will be found.

"The FBI had two agents in the back of the courtroom, so it's obvious that they have taken and interest and they're opening a file on it," he said.

"The FBI's stretch is much greater than the local police.Not that the local police didn't do a good job— they did— but the FBI is all over the United States and it's also international through Interpol."

Anhang said he will continue to make monthly trips to San Juan, to help police collect evidence in the case. After Riviera's trial, San Juan police made him an honorary constable for his work in his son's murder investigation.

A jury convicted Riviera of first-degree murder in October 2007, despite a lack of forensic evidence and the last-minute appearance of a defence witness who said another man committed the crime.

At the time of the deadly attack, Anhang, a wealthy real-estate developer and CEO of an online gambling company, had been walking with Aurea Vazquez Rijos from a local restaurant where they had been discussing their pending divorce.

Officials said his estranged wife, who was slightly injured in the altercation, did not co-operate with the investigation.

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