Marshalls, H&M moving into former Kildonan Place Target, councillor says

The site of a former Target building in Winnipeg is preparing to take in new tenants, Coun. Jeff Browaty says.

'Looking forward to H&M, Marshalls and HomeSense' at Kildonan Place, Coun. Jeff Browaty tweets

The site of a former Target building is preparing to take in new tenants, a Winnipeg councillor says.

H&M, HomeSense and Marshalls are moving into the Kildonan Place Shopping Centre space, Coun. Jeff Browaty said in a tweet Monday night.

H&M launched its first store in Winnipeg in 2014 at Polo Park Shopping Centre; Marshalls opened in 2013.

Target's quick exodus from the Canadian market last year meant many of its big-box stores were left empty for months. The American company opened 133 stores in Canada beginning in 2013. It lost $1 billion in its first year and cited billions more in projected losses as the reason for pulling out of Canada.

The Polo Park Shopping Centre Target building was purchased by mall ownership last spring.

Kildonan Place management would not comment or confirm whether Marshalls, H&M or HomeSense are moving into the vacant space.