Vegas Golden Knights burned by the King in Elvis-themed parody song by Jets fans

For the second time, CBC audience members have worked together to create a twangy, confident ode to the Winnipeg Jets — this time for Round 3 of the NHL playoff series.

Winnipeg folk-rock trio teams up with Elvis tribute artist to perform Viva Las Vegas parody

Marnie Mackintosh, also known as Miss Elvis Lee, performed the Viva Las Vegas parody to take down the Vegas Golden Knights along with the Kris Ulrich Trio. (Lyzaville Sale/CBC)

For the second time, CBC audience members have worked together to create a twangy, confident ode to the Winnipeg Jets — this time for Round 3 of the NHL playoff series.

During the second round against the Nashville Predators, CBC Manitoba and its audience crafted a parody of The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

With that round under the team's belt and the Jets now facing the Las Vegas Golden Knights, it was time to make an updated soundtrack.

CBC Manitoba's Information Radio asked listeners to write in new lyrics to the tune of the vintage hit Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley. The requirement: make the words about kicking Golden butt.

About 25 people sent in their ideas, which were brought together to create one seamless song.

CBC Manitoba enlisted Miss Elvis Lee — an Elvis tribute artist known in her off-hours as Marnie Mackintosh — and Winnipeg folk-rockers the Kris Ulrich Trio to bring it to life.

Watch our video of Miss Elvis Lee and the Kris Ulrich Trio performing the Let's Beat Las Vegas parody:

Let's Beat Las Vegas

5 years ago
Duration 2:14
CBC Manitoba's Information Radio asked listeners to write in new lyrics to the tune of the vintage hit Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley. The requirement: make the words about kicking Golden butt.

Mackintosh's aunt Linda Bonneteau said she got Mackintosh started on Elvis young, when she was seven — around the same time she started playing hockey, Mackintosh added.

"We used to watch Elvis movies all weekend long and she just went from there and just continued and continued and just got into it," Bonneteau said. "It's just awesome."

Mackintosh said she's been playing hockey her whole life, too, and admits she has a mean shot from the blue line. She's also a huge Jets fan, she said.

"Right now, I really love Tanev. He's a digger," she said. "You know what, they're all my favourites, every single one of them. They're doing a great job."

Bonneteau said she's getting into playoff fever, too, even though she's not a diehard fan.

"[Winnipeggers are] just all together, supportive. Myself, I'm not a hockey fan, but since the Jets I've been sitting there with my white shirt on, too," she said. "It's just amazing."

Kris Ulrich, who heads up his eponymous trio, said he's loved watching the games so far.

"It's awesome. I just love seeing the city alive like this," said Karl Shewchuk, who plays bass for the band.

Drummer Cody Iwasiuk said he didn't initially know what to make of a request to back up an Elvis tribute artist to create a hockey hit.

"Little confused, wasn't sure how this was going to all play out," he said. "But it's pretty amazing what happened. I think it's pretty fun."

The Jets play the Golden Knights on Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Vegas's T-Mobile Arena.

Winnipeg folk-rocker Kris Ulrich belts out a strain of the Viva Las Vegas parody. (Lyzaville Sale/CBC)

Full lyrics, to the tune of Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Written by Scott Erickson, James Slade, Neil Coligan, Mark Jefkins, Marcy Markusa and Marnie Mackintosh, a.k.a. Miss Elvis Lee

Whiteout city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire
Got a whole lot of hockey still left to play
You can't break through this D-sire

There's a city full of fans 
Waiting out there
Mesmerized by the Hellebuyck stare
Our Jets are fuelled fast with gas to spare 

So, let's beat Las Vegas, let's beat Las Vegas

How I wish that there were more 
Than 60 minutes in a game
But even if there were 40 more 
You'd never put our team away

Marc-Andre Fleury is a cheerful guy
'Til Scheifele gets past him on his high blocker side
And Laine's slapshot takes the rest of his pride 

So, let's beat Las Vegas, let's beat Las Vegas

Let's beat Sin City with your new team flyin' 
Buff will have you cryin', hitting 
All your hopes down the drain

Let's beat Las Vegas in our prairie city
Golden Boy's so pretty
And he's standing tall
Looking over Portage and Main

What happens in Vegas might stay there now
When our Jets fly into the States
The Canadian invasion by the team we love 
Will overtake your airspace 

All those gamblers better watch how they play
A bet against the Jets ain't gonna pay
We know the CUP is coming our way 

When we beat Las Vegas
Let's beat Las Vegas
Let's beat Last Vegas
Let's beat...
Let's beat...
Las Vegas! 

With files from Janice Moeller