Playoff prices heat up: Jets tickets posted for more than $1K on reseller sites

As the countdown to playoffs begins, tickets to Game 1 at Winnipeg's Bell MTS place are getting even hotter.

The Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Wild's 1st-round series begins in Winnipeg at 6 p.m. Wednesday

The Jets and the Minnesota Wild's first-round series begins Wednesday night. The ticket reselling site StubHub has Game 1 tickets listed for as much as $1,026 US. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

As the countdown to the NHL playoffs enters its final hours, tickets to Game 1 of the Winnipeg Jets-Minnesota Wild series at Winnipeg's Bell MTS Place are becoming an even hotter commodity.

The first-round series between the Jets and the Wild begins in Winnipeg at 6 p.m. Wednesday, and reseller sites like StubHub were listing tickets for as much $1,026 US per seat on Tuesday.

That comes as no surprise to Jets fans like Harvey Makoski, who said he would consider paying the hefty price to get to the game.

"If I was going to be at home this week I would think about it seriously," Makoski said. "We've waited a long time to see the Jets move up in the standings and I think the city of Winnipeg deserves to have a team this good because of the fans."

Last week, CBC reported the best seats in the house were posted on StubHub for $844 US. However, prices and the number of tickets posted only continue to climb.

"It doesn't surprise me," Jets fan Brent Kapusta said. "We're a big hockey town, and people are out to make a buck and people will pay it."

U.S. buyer trying to scoop season tickets

Jay Gagnon holds season tickets in the last row against the wall in the 300 level and said he was contacted by a buyer in New York looking to buy the seats. Gagnon paid $137 Cdn for playoff seats and said the broker was offering $275 US each.

"I was kind of curious to know how they even got my name and my email," he said. "It's a little freaky how everyone can get your info like that."

Gagnon didn't respond to the offer.

"They had a phone number I could call them back if I'd be interested in selling, and I did a bit of research and it was the actual phone number for StubHub," he said.

It's not the only bid that's been made for Gagnon's tickets. Friends have offered to pay him $600 Cdn for the pair but he's not parting with them, he said.

"I love the Jets so I can't."

Selling tickets for more than face value is a violation of Manitoba's Amusement Act. 

A spokesperson for True North Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Jets and Bell MTS Place, said Tuesday there is little the organization can do to identify season ticket holders who are selling tickets on sites like StubHub.

However, Kevin Donnelly, True North's vice-president of venues and entertainment, encouraged fans to use the Winnipeg Jets SeatExchange to buy and sell tickets, because tickets listed there are guaranteed to be authentic.

Game 2 goes Friday at 6:30 p.m. in Winnipeg, before the series moves to Minnesota on Sunday for Game 3, which begins at 6 p.m. Game 4 will be played in Minnesota on Tuesday, April 17 at 7 p.m.

Ticket prices posted to StubHub for the Minnesota games range from $100 US to $1,498 US.

​If necessary, Game 5 will be played in Winnipeg on Friday, April 20, Game 6 will be in Minnesota on April 22, and the teams will return to Winnipeg for Game 7 on April 25, if needed.


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