Winnipeg Jets fans call for return of urinal trough

Jets fans just can't hold it in anymore – they want their urinal trough back.
The urinal trough at the old Winnipeg Arena was much the same as this one inside Canad Inns Stadium. (

Jets fans just can't hold it in anymore – they want their urinal trough back.

More than 230 people have signed an online petition urging MTS Centre to build better urinals for men.

Many fans say the lineups are so long they end up missing part of the game.

"Oh, it's killer, it's killer, especially when intermission comes. It's very long waiting," Jets fan Don Lavallee told CBC News at the NHL game Tuesday night.

So they want True North Sports Sports and Entertainment, the owner of the MTS Centre, to bring back the troughs — the open urinal used back in the old Winnipeg Arena.

Men line up to use the toilets at MTS Centre during a recent game. (CBC)

They say it doesn't take a wiz to figure out the troughs are a wee faster.

"It's a little more primative, but if you got to go, you got to go, right?" said another fan.

Rather than waiting in line for individual porcelain wall potty — there's just a handful in each of the MTS Centre's eight concourse level washrooms — the trough allows dozens of men to squeeze in like cattle and go at the same time.

"My fondest memory of the trough would be watching the cigarette butt from the guy around the corner finally go floating by … oh the good ol days," Jeff Driedger commented on the petition website.

But some don't appreciate the group tinkle.

"Too much stage fright when you had the trough," said Harvey Grindle.

"Like, you're hearing about all these people in the paper all the time, these kind of perverts and stuff, you don't want to be next to that. It's not comfortable."

An official at MTS Centre said they hear the call for the culvert but their current bathroom system is going to stay as it is, for now.

The troughs were also used at Canad Inns Stadium, where the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers have played since 1953.

It's not known if the new stadium, currently under construction and set to open for the 2012 season, will have the troughs or whether another pee-tition will be sent around.