Parents feel relief as second person charged in home invasion death of Jaime Adao

Geordie Delmar James, 34, was charged with manslaughter Wednesday in the death of Jaime Adao Jr., police said Thursday.

Geordie Delmar James, 34, was charged with manslaughter Wednesday in the death of the Winnipeg teen

Imelda and Jaime Adao felt a sense of relief when they were told by police that a second person had been arrested in connection with the killing of their 17-year-old son, Jaime Adao, in March. (Ahmar Khan/CBC)

Imelda and Jaime Adao went through a range of emotions when they learned that a second man had been charged in the killing of their son — but they say for the first time in months, they felt a sense of relief.

"We know that our son, Jaime, is with our lord now, but still the pain is unbearable. But we keep on praying that gradually it will ease the pain we feel now," Imelda said Thursday in an interview with CBC News.

Police said Thursday Geordie Delmar James, 34, was charged Wednesday with manslaughter in connection with the death of Jaime Adao Jr., 17, who was killed in what police say was a random home invasion last month.

Adao was studying at home with his grandmother when he was attacked and killed during a break-in. Police said at the time a man forced his way into the home with a weapon.

Ronald Chubb, 29, was charged last month with second-degree murder in connection with Adao's death. On Thursday, police said they believe James was in the home during the March 3 homicide.

Chubb was shot by police during the incident and taken to hospital in critical condition. He's since been discharged from hospital and remains in custody, police said Thursday.

Manitoba's police watchdog, the Independent Investigation Unit, is investigating Chubb's shooting.

Const. Jay Murray confirmed that James and Chubb are acquaintances, but said he couldn't say more because the investigation is ongoing.

James has a list of more than 45 prior convictions since 2013, including a number of thefts, assaults and a break-in. His most serious crime was aggravated assault, for which he served nearly three-and-a-half years. 

Jaime Adao Jr. was killed in a home invasion on March 3. Police have now charged a second man in connection with his death. (Submitted by Roxanne Roy)

James, who has eight outstanding charges to his name, was arrested while already in custody at Headingley Correctional Centre on Wednesday afternoon. He remains in custody.

The Adaos said they were sure more than one person had been inside the home when their son was killed, because the entire basement had been ransacked in the few minutes between when police were called and their arrival.

"The basement was a mess," said Jaime Adao. "So how can one person do that in a few minutes?" 

The family worries there could be others involved still on the streets, posing a serious risk to Winnipeggers.

"We're are so scared about what is happening in the city, in our community.… We don't feel any safety in this safety," Imelda said. 


While the Adaos are grateful arrests have been made, they hope the people responsible for their son's death will be punished.

"Let them pay for the crime that they've done, and not a short period that they will pay for it," Imelda said.

"They have to pay for the crime they've done to my son, because they can't bring him back and the trauma they've caused not only to us, but the city." 

Imelda Adao said she was dumbfounded to learn that both men arrested have such a long list of prior convictions, yet were still free on Winnipeg's streets.

"They shouldn't let those people roam around and harm people's lives. Keep them out of the city," she said.

Imelda Adao says she and her husband planned to transfer ownership of the family's bakery to their son on his 18th birthday. (Submitted by Roxanne Roy)

Although police have said they believe the invasion was random, the Adaos think their home was targeted because it seemed like easy target.

"I don't believe them saying that is was random, no. We were being watched by those people," Imelda said.

"Why did they know what time we're leaving, what time we're home?" she said.

The family wants the trial date to be expedited, so they can finally begin to properly heal once justice is served.

"We are always prepared for the justice of our son.… We want justice to happen soon, faster," said Jaime Adao.

'Bright future'

The teen was set to graduate this spring from Tec Voc High School in Winnipeg's West End, and his death left the city's Filipino community and his close-knit family reeling.

"I don't know if he ever got to take his graduation photos — if we will get those, I don't know," said Imelda. 

A second person has been charged in connection with the death of a 17-year-old who was killed in what police say was a random home invasion last month. 2:27

She speaks fondly about the bright future her son had ahead of him.

"He went to Tec Voc because it was the the only high school where he could take cooking and baking classes, even if he was away from his friends," she said.

"He wanted to go to Red River College and get his culinary degree, become an executive chef and open a restaurant like his dad."

As Imelda described what her son sought in life, she and her husband broke down in tears as they said that during his 18th birthday later this year, they planned to transfer the family's bakery business to his name. 

"It was all his, everything," she said. "He wanted to run the bakery."