'Fantastic experience': Winnipeggers to be featured on Family Feud Canada

A Winnipeg family is getting their big break on a beloved TV game show this week.

The Mole family will compete on the Canadian version of iconic game show Thursday

The Mole family from Winnipeg will be featured on Thursday's episode of Family Feud Canada on CBC television. (Joanna Bell/Family Feud Canada/CBC)

A Winnipeg family is getting their big break on a beloved TV game show this week. 

The Mole family will be on Thursday's episode of Family Feud Canada, which began airing on CBC Gem this week.

"We are very, very excited," Nonita Mole told Ismaila Alfa on CBC's Up To Speed on Tuesday.

The show is hosted by comedian Gerry Dee, and features families who compete for prize money by guessing the most popular answers to survey questions, such as "Name something Americans travel across the border to get in Canada?" 

Family Feud is one of television's longest-running and top-rated game shows, watched by audiences around the world. 

The show first aired in the U.S. in 1976, and has appeared in several incarnations over the past several decades.

Mole, along with her husband Johnathan Mohammed, her two sisters Anne Mole de Lumban and Joan Mole Santiago, and her brother in-law Chris Santiago, made their way to Toronto for the taping earlier this month.

The Mole family traveled to Toronto for the show's taping in early December. (Joanna Bell/Family Feud Canada/CBC)

Mole isn't allowed to share any details of what happened during the taping or how her family stacked up but says she's looking forward to watching with her family and friends.

"It's like when you watch a movie that you really love, you don't want to be a spoiler," she said.

"You want people to watch and enjoy it."

They auditioned for the show earlier this year by performing a dance and a mock game of Family Feud.

Mole said they wanted to be on the show to be part of something nostalgic.

"It's not just winning the 10,000 bucks that they are giving away as a prize, it's being on the show itself," she said.

"Everyone has watched the show."

'A fantastic experience'

Mole, who came to Canada from the Philippines in 2014, said being on the show is a way of connecting with other Canadian families.

"It's introducing your family and then showing off on national TV, how funny, how entertaining, how unique your family is," she said.

Mole said the family polished their survey skills by watching re-runs of the American version of the show, as well as playing the game on an app.

She said watching the game and playing it in real life are very different.

"It was a mixture of getting nervous and getting excited at the same time."

The Mole family auditioned for the show at the Fairmont Hotel in September. (Submitted by Nonita Mole)

Mole said the show's host and crew were amazing to work with, as well as the other families.

"A fantastic experience that we will never ever forget in our whole life," she said.

Family Feud Canada will air four nights a week on CBC Television and CBC Gem streaming service starting Monday, Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. CST.

With files from Ismaila Alfa and Danelle Cloutier


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