Winnipeg city hall told of cost overrun — at city hall

Winnipeg's city hall has to spend more money on yet another construction project — renovations to city hall itself.

Cost for renovations to council building up nearly $1M to $5.4M

Most of Winnipeg's city hall council building, built in 1964, has reached the end of its useful life, city officials said before recommending renovations. The final price tag for the work is $5.4 million. (CBC)

Winnipeg's city hall has to spend more money on yet another construction project — renovations to city hall itself.

Recently completed renovations to the interior of the council building will cost $5.4 million, up just under $1 million from a previous estimate, municipal accommodations manager Brad Erickson writes in a report to council's property committee.

The work involved asbestos removal, renovations to the mayor's office and councillors' offices and the conversion of an unused police media-briefing room to a new media theatre.

​The cost of the project rose above initial estimates because the asbestos-removal work was more extensive than expected, while the city also installed more fire-suppression, heating and electrical upgrades.

The additional cost, however, will not impact the city budget due to other funds set aside for the civic centre campus, the report suggests.

This is the third report of a cost hike at city hall over the past week.

Last week, council was advised the cost of North End Water Pollution Control Centre upgrades is rising $205 million to $1 billion, while the price tag for the Tache Promenade is nearly doubling to $10 million.