Video of 5-year-old Winnipegger naming every country in the world captures globe's attention

The video of Winnipeg's Madden Landicho went viral after being posted by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

Video of Madden Landicho went viral after being posted by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper

Madden Landicho, 5, is a young geography whiz who has memorized the names of every country in the world. 4:08

A young Winnipeg geography whiz has captured the world's attention with a viral video of him reciting the names of all the world's countries.

The video shows five-year-old Madden Landicho looking at a globe and naming off each country. It went viral after it was posted by the Daily Mail newspaper in Britain.

Madden's mother, Kristee Landicho, said her family has known about his special skill for a long time but she was surprised by the reaction the video got.

"People have been telling us for a couple years to get it out there, his knowledge. And I never really thought of it and then finally last year, yeah, we sent it into a couple places and people are just so impressed with him," she said in an interview on CBC Radio's Up to Speed.

Madden, who is now six years old, said he started learning the names of all the countries "because they're so awesome."

Landicho said her son started learning the names of U.S. states and their capitals, which led to them teaching him about Canadian geography, and from there he gradually learned to name every country.

Some people commented on the video that they thought Madden was simply reading the names of the countries off the globe, so Landicho made a second video of him reciting the names in alphabetical order.

"Lots of people said they wouldn't be impressed unless he was able to do it without the globe. So I didn't comment to any comments. I just let him speak for himself," she said.

In addition to naming the countries, Madden can also identify each country's flag.

When he grows up, he says he wants to be a pilot.

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