For sale by City of Winnipeg: Golf course with river views

The City of Winnipeg's property and planning department has laid the groundwork for the sale of the John Blumberg Golf Course in Headingly.

City moves toward selling John Blumberg Golf Course in Headingley

Most of the proceeds of the sale would be placed into an yet-to-be-established 'transformative fund,' a report says. (Cliff Simpson/CBC)

The City of Winnipeg's property and planning department is laying the groundwork to sell the John Blumberg Golf Course in Headingley.

A report to the committee recommends the city market the 150-acre property, which has 18-hole and nine-hole golf courses, through a request for proposals that includes an option to purchase or enter into a joint venture.

If approved, 10 per cent of the proceeds of the sale would be retained by the city's Golf Services department's special operating agency for expenses related to the sale and the rest directed to what the report calls a "transformative fund."

Golf Services would use its portion for "'wind-up costs and reinvestment into future capital needs."

The fund — not yet formally established by city council —  "is intended to support investments that transform the delivery of services and reduce the city's infrastructure deficit with a focus on recreation and public green space."

Five per cent of the sale price (after expenses) would be allocated to each of the Gail Parvin Hammerquist Fund (for the preservation of heritage buildings) and the city's Enhanced Land Marketing Program.

The city has owned the property since 1964. In March this year, city council directed property and planning department staff to come back with recommendation to sell it off or find some kind of a joint venture for the land.

The property was originally intended to be sold a few years ago, but was taken off the market due to a lease agreement dispute with the previous golf course operator.

That agreement was subsequently terminated, and a new operator was found in 2017. Putting the property back on the market was delayed until the city dealt with the previous operator's agreement dispute.

If the property is sold the city will not receive any proceeds from future property taxes from the land because it is in the rural municipality of Headingley.