Carnage, comics and cover bands: CBC Manitoba's top 3 weekend picks

With Halloween only a few days away, it's no surprise our plugged-in trio of CBC personalities have stuck to the themes of horror, fantasy and make-believe for this weekend's top three entertainment picks.

Watch out for the splatter zone

Evil Dead: The Musical stars Robyn Slade, left, as Annie Knowby and Ryan Ash as Ash Williams. (Dwayne Larson)

With Halloween only a few days away, it's no surprise our plugged-in trio of CBC personalities have stuck to the themes of horror, fantasy and make-believe for this weekend's top three entertainment picks.

Colton Hutchinson's pick: Evil Dead: The Musical

"Kill her if you can, loverboy."

The Evil Dead has taken on many forms over the decades. Starting out as a low budget horror film in 1981, growing with sequels, comic books, video games and now … a musical!

Evil Dead: The Musical takes all of the gory goodness of the franchise and splatters it with all of the singing and dancing you can handle.

Local performance troupe Wasteland Productions is putting on the show for its second run in Winnipeg, back by popular demand. The troupe is midway through the 10-show run already, with another week to go out at the Park Theatre.

Be careful what you wear, or where you sit. The splatter zone has been causing a buzz through the first few shows, seeing audience members exit the theatre absolutely covered in blood. Don't be alarmed — it will wash off easier than the real stuff — but if you end up in the splatter zone, get your raincoat on and prepare to be drenched.

Audience members who don't want their clothes stained might want to avoid the splatter zone. (Dwayne Larson)

Much of the blood found in the splatter zone comes straight off the blade of our main character Ash's chainsaw. Coincidentally, Ryan Ash plays the lead of Ash Williams, who will be sawing and hacking his way through a ridiculous songbook sure to capture and enhance the lighthearted and somewhat spooky nature of the original Evil Dead.

Ryan Ash comes to the lead role in Evil Dead: The Musical with a personal connection to the production. Through the first run of the show from Wasteland Productions, Ash was the fight choreographer for the production. That's where he met his fiancee, Teela Tomassetti, who plays Shelly in the musical. This year, the couple comes together as they're both acting on stage.

Be warned, Evil Dead: The Musical is sold out Friday and Saturday, but there are still tickets available for Sunday and five more shows next week.

Shannah-Lee Vidal's pick: Central Canada Comic Con

It's a weekend to geek out, because I am sending you to the Central Canada Comic Con to celebrate the world of superheroes, fantasy and pop culture.

The annual event will see thousands of fans gather at the RBC Convention Centre for comics, games, art and celebrities. While dressing up is optional, costumes are welcome. There is a costume contest on Saturday, in case you need a reason to let your creativity shine. If you see someone wearing an amazing costume, make sure you ask permission first before taking a photo of them.

Eva Brown, left, and Lysanne Huberdau were among the Winnipeggers who dressed up for the first night of the Central Canada Comic Con at RBC Convention Centre in 2017. (Wendy Buelow/CBC )

For those of you that are Trekkies, Michael Dorn, who played Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will be there for an autograph session and to answer questions from fans. Cast members from other sci-fi shows, including Firefly, Highlander: The Series and Supernatural will there for meet-and-greets as well.

If you are looking for that rare comic book or collectible, there's a chance you could find what you are looking for at one of the vendor tables. There are also plenty of artists, writers and crafters to visit and see their creations. If you feel like taking a load off, Game-itoba will be hosting board game tournaments.

For Star Wars fans, you're not left out. River City Jedi will be on the scene doing lightsaber demonstrations. To counter that, the 501st legion of storm troopers will be there to show that bad guys can also be good guys. Paul Blake, who played Greedo in the original film, and puppeteer David Barclay will be available to meet with fans.

For Friday, the doors open up at 2 p.m. On Saturday, the fun starts at 10 a.m. and on Sunday it begins at 11 a.m.  For admission, you can choose between day, weekend or annual passes. For those with little ones, children five and under are free. Kids under 12 are also free with a coupon at the door. For more ticket information and daily schedules, visit

Ismaila Alfa's pick: Bands as Bands

I want you to head down to the Good Will Social Club Saturday night for a chance to see some amazing Winnipeg bands cover tunes from some other amazing bands.

It's Bands as Bands and it's the 12th time it's being put on. This time around, Winnipeg band A la Mode will perform as Metric, The Middle Coast will channel Mother Mother and Spooky Eyes and House Panther will take on the music of Tegan & Sara.

The Middle Coast won't be themselves on Saturday. (Rachel Boese courtesy The Middle Coast)

You can expect a lively show with costumes, some pretty hilarious between-song banter and tunes you can sing along to.

It's all happening at the Good Will Social Club Saturday night. Cover is $10 and doors open at 9 p.m. with the show getting started at 10.

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