Water to run at Waverley West splash pad after spat between province, city

Water will start flowing at the splash pad in Bridgwater Lakes following a spat between two levels of government that left it run dry.

Water feature was built by Manitoba Housing, city refused to take it over

The splash pad in Bridgwater Lakes is scheduled to start running again on Friday morning, said a tweet by Mayor Brian Bowman. (Submitted by Janice Lukes)

Water will start flowing at the splash pad in Bridgwater Lakes, following a spat between two levels of government that left it dry.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman tweeted Thursday afternoon that the splash pad, which also functions as a fountain at night, will be turned on Friday morning by Manitoba Housing.

The splash pad, along with a soccer field across the street, were built by Manitoba Housing.

But neither the province nor the city seemed interested in operating the facility in Waverley West this spring.

Last week, the province said it had operated the fountain for five years and fulfilled its contract requirements. The province said it was now the city's obligation to run the fountain — but the city refused.

"The city has advised us they are not prepared to operate the fountain," wrote a spokesperson for Manitoba Housing June 14.

The province declined to provide an update Thursday, citing a media blackout in the lead up to the St. Boniface byelection.

Splash pad brings happiness to Bridgwater Lakes residents:

Water at Waverley West splash pad back on

4 years ago
Duration 0:48
Water started flowing at the splash pad in Bridgwater Lakes, following a spat between two levels of government that left it dry.

Last week, a spokesperson for the mayor's office said "due diligence" needed to be done to "ensure the assets being transferred to the City meet the specifications outlined in the associated development agreement" before the city will take over ownership of the splash pad and field.

In his Thursday tweet, the mayor thanked Families Minister Scott Fielding, who is responsible for Manitoba Housing, for help "collaborating" to get the splash pad running.

His tweet made no mention of Coun. Janice Lukes, who wrote two letters to Bowman asking for his help to restart the fountain. She told CBC it was unfair to taxpayers to see a community asset sit idle.

She tweeted Thursday she had been in touch with Fielding and criticized a lack of communication from the city, and appeared to reference a recent audit into the Sterling Lyon Parkway extension that highlighted communication failures between officials and the public.


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