Wasylycia-Leis raised, spent more than Bowman in 2014 Winnipeg election

Financial statements from Winnipeg's mayoral race last year show that Judy Wasylycia-Leis raised and spent thousands of dollars more than Brian Bowman, but still came in second place.

Audited financial statements show how much the election candidates spent

Judy Wasylycia-Leis supporters chat at her campaign headquarters on Oct. 23, 2014, a day after she lost her second attempt to become mayor of Winnipeg. (CBC)

Financial statements from Winnipeg's mayoral race last year show that Judy Wasylycia-Leis raised and spent thousands of dollars more than Brian Bowman, but still came in second place.

The audited statements, released on Thursday, show the Wasylycia-Leis campaign had spent $28,373.97 more than Bowman and raised $15,419.97 more in contributions and fundraising.

In the end, Bowman won the Oct 2014 mayoral election with 111,504 votes. Wasylycia-Leis came in second place with 58,440 votes.

Robert-Falcon Ouellette, who came in third, received and spent $64,710, while fourth-place candidate David Sanders raised and spent $13,886.27.

Hazem Aslan and Mike Vogiatzakis face prosecution for failing to file audited financial statements of their campaign expenses.

Michel Fillion may also be prosecuted, as city officials allege that he issued a cheque out of a personal account to cover the difference between a potential rebate and the total amount of an invoice he received for work on his campaign. As well, he exceeded the $1,500 personal contribution limit to his campaign.

Who contributed to whom?

The statements also shed light on who contributed to the candidates.

Notable donors to Bowman's campaign include True North Sports and Entertainment and the Chipman family, Dave Angus of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and Canad Inns owner Leo Ledohowski.

Donors to Wasylycia-Leis's campaign include Paul Moist, national president of CUPE, and former Manitoba lieutenant-governor John Harvard.

The full list of mayoral candidates' income and expenses is listed below, along with a selection of notable donors to the top six candidates. All of the audited statements can be found on the city's election website.

Brian Bowman

  • Contributions: $198,011
  • Fundraising event: $2,440
  • Total income: $200,451
  • Total expenses: $187,497
  • Surplus/deficit: $12,954 surplus

Notable campaign donors:

  • Arnie Thorsteinson, developer and businessman — $1,500
  • Barry Shenkarow, former Winnipeg Jets owner and businessman — $750
  • David Asper, lawyer — $1,500
  • Jeoffrey, Mark and Stephen Chipman, Megill-Stephenson Company, True North Sports and Entertainment, Birchwood Group — $1,500 each
  • Dave Angus, president of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce — $1,500
  • Leo Ledohowski, owner, Canad Inns — $1,500

Judy Wasylycia-Leis

  • Contributions: $202,891.48
  • Fundraising event: $12,611.35
  • Total income: $215,870.97 (includes a surplus from a previous campaign)
  • Total expenses: $215,870.97
  • Surplus/deficit: $0

Notable campaign donors:

  • Liam Martin, former chief of staff to Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger — $200
  • David Sauer, president of the Winnipeg Labour Council — $500
  • Paul Moist, president of CUPE — $1,000
  • John Harvard, former lieutenant-governor of Manitoba and politician — $1,000
  • Mike Davidson, president of CUPE Local 500 — $1,000

Gord Steeves

  • Contributions: $146,690
  • Fundraising event: $0
  • Total income: $149,725 (includes a surplus from a previous campaign)
  • Total expenses: $149,681
  • Surplus/deficit: $44 surplus

Notable campaign donors:

  • Sabino Tumillo, businessman and nightclub operator — $750
  • Gail Asper, lawyer and philanthropist — $1,000
  • David Filmon, lawyer — $1,000
  • Robert Shindleman, Shindico Development — $1,500
  • Arnie Thorsteinson, developer and businessman — $1,500

Robert-Falcon Ouellette

  • Contributions: $64,669.64 
  • Fundraising event: $0
  • Total income: $64,710.06 (includes $40 listed as other)
  • Total expenses: $64,710.23
  • Surplus/deficit: $0.17 deficit

Notable campaign donors:

  • Lloyd Axworthy, former president of the University of Winnipeg and politician — $300
  • Ida Albo and Richard Bel, owners of the Fort Garry Hotel — $750 each
  • Hubert T. Kleyson, former chairman and owner of Kleysen Transport Ltd. — $500

David Sanders

  • Contributions: $13,886.27
  • Fundraising event: $0
  • Total income: $13,886.27
  • Total expenses: $13,886.27
  • Surplus/deficit: $0

Notable campaign donors:

  • Ida Albo and Richard Bel, owners of the Fort Garry Hotel — $750 each

Paula Havixbeck

  • Contributions: $34,878
  • Fundraising event: $130
  • Total income: $36,896 (includes campaign carry-over and other)
  • Total expenses: $36,757
  • Surplus/deficit: $139 surplus

Notable campaign donors:

  • Barry Shenkarow, former Winnipeg Jets owner and businessman — $325
  • Arnie Thorsteinson, developer and businessman — $1,500
  • Michael Nozick, Fairweather Properties — $1,500

Michel Fillion

  • Contributions: $4,483.34
  • Fundraising event: $0
  • Total income: $4,483.34
  • Total expenses: $4,798.78
  • Surplus/deficit: $315 deficit

Buck Duchene

  • Contributions: $0
  • Fundraising event: $0
  • Total income: $0
  • Total expenses: $127.13
  • Surplus/deficit: $127.13 deficit

Gordon Warren

  • Contributions: $0
  • Fundraising event: $0
  • Total income: $0
  • Total expenses: $0
  • Surplus/deficit: $0

Hazem Aslan — did not file

Michael Vogiatzakis — did not file


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