Wab Kinew releases tax return after challenge from NDP leadership rival Ashton

Last month NDP leadership candidate Steve Ashton released his tax return; four weeks later, rival Wab Kinew has done the same.

Kinew's total income was nearly doubled by book sales and speaking fees

NDP leadership hopeful Wab Kinew, right, has released his tax returns four weeks after rival Steve Ashton made his public. (CBC)

​NDP leadership candidate Wab Kinew has released his tax return four weeks after rival Steve Ashton made it an issue by making his information public.

Ashton's campaign released a summary of his tax return during a news gathering last month where he called Brian Pallister a "Donald Trump wannabe," comparing the premier's refusal to make his tax return public to the U.S. president's decision not to release his financial records.

Kinew's campaign allowed CBC reporters to look at and make notes about the records in person.

Ashton said since his defeat in the April 2016 election, he has not worked due to Manitoba conflict-of-interest laws that impose a 12-month cooling-off period for retired politicians or senior officials that impacts certain job prospects.

Ashton's gross income for the year was $187,068. A significant portion of that came from the severance allowance he got after losing his seat. After deductions, including credits and significant registered savings plan investments, his taxable income was reduced to just over $90,000.

Ashton owed a total of $23,158 in taxes in 2016.

Kinew's gross income totaled $205,028, with nearly half of that coming from royalties from his book sales ($81,900) paid out from his incorporated business and another $36,138 in self-employment income (reduced to $11,959 after cost writeoffs) from speaking engagements.

The $107,464 in employment income comprises approximately three months of work for the University of Winnipeg and roughly eight months as an MLA following his election victory in the Fort Rouge constituency.

His campaign team also confirmed he has no investments or other sources of income that are exempt from taxation by virtue of provisions within the Indian Act.

Kinew owed a total of $62,489 in provincial and federal taxes in 2016.

Summary of 2016 tax returns

    Employment income43,819107,464
    Dividends from Corporation-81,900
    Self-employment income net of costs-11,959
    Pension income47,063-
    RRSP income4,348-
    Other income91,8383,706
Gross income$187,068$205,028
Net income after deductions, credits90,213199,358
Total taxes payable$23,158$62,489

*Due to rounding, numbers in this table may not add up to the totals.
*Figures provided to CBC News by the candidates.