Video urges help finding abducted Winnipeg kids

Winnipeg police are stepping up the emotional plea for the public's help in finding two children who were abducted from their mother in 2008.

Winnipeg police are stepping up the emotional plea for the public's help in finding two children who were abducted from their mother in 2008.

A YouTube video just released by the police features photos of Abby and Dominic Maryk who were abducted by their father in August of 2008.

The photo slideshow is set to music, interviews with the police and the kids' mom, Emily Cablek, and the message: Please help us find our way home.

"I want my kids to know how much I love them; that I'll never, ever stop looking for them," Cablek says in the video. "They're my life and life hasn't been the same since they've been gone.

"I'd love to see them going to school, having sleepovers, going with their cousins and just doing normal kid things. I just don't know what they're doing at all and it breaks my heart every day."

Canada-wide arrest warrants have been issued for Kevin Maryk, left, Cody McKay, centre, and Robert Groen. ((Winnipeg Police Service))

Canada-wide warrants are in effect for the kids' father, Kevin Maryk, and two other men police believe helped in the abduction: Cody McKay, who is Kevin Maryk's nephew, and Robert Groen, who police describe as an associate of Maryk.

Abby and Dominic were on vacation with Maryk in August 2008, when police believe he took them out of Canada.

They kids were seven and five years old at the time. Abby is now nine and Dominic will turn 11 in January.

The vacation was approved by the court, but Cablek has legal custody.

Both police and Cablek say they believe there are people — friends, family members or acquaintances — who may know the whereabouts of Dominic and Abby.

Police said some people may also be helping Kevin Maryk and the children stay hidden from the authorities by providing shelter or financial support.