Video game designer, nationally recognized artist among third round of 2016 Future 40 finalists

These are ten people making a difference in our community, and the third round to be revealed as CBC Manitoba's 2016 Future 40 finalists

10 finalists include a gemologist, refugee, chef, teachers and students

Meet your third round of 10 finalists in Future 40 Manitoba 2016. Top row, left-right: Mohammad Almaleki, Christie McLeod, Lisa Malbranck, Jaime Black, Tracie Afifi. Bottom row, left-right: Steven Watson, Monica Cyr, Nadia Kidwai, Corey King, Akosua Tiwaah Bonsu. ((submitted photos))

CBC Manitoba revealed another ten Future 40 finalists today, including a video game developer, a former United Nations delegate, an Indigenous artist and seven others.

CBC Manitoba's Future 40 highlights the province's next generation of leaders, builders and change-makers under the age of 40.

The first 20 Future 40 finalists were announced April 4 and April 5.  Finalists are also be featured each morning on Information Radio 89.3 FM with Marcy Markusa and each evening on CBC Winnipeg News at 6 p.m. CT.

CBC Manitoba will reveal the final ten finalists tomorrow.

Here's your third round of Future 40 finalists:

(Submissions below were provided by nominators, edited for style and length.)

Corey King

Age: 30

Category: Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Corey's first mobile game has been recognized at conferences around the world. (Submitted by David Price.)

Corey King is a local innovator, an award-winning producer and storyteller who has successfully worked across an array of mediums including film, publishing, journalism, art and gaming.

He is also the creator of the augmented reality project "Clandestine: Anomaly" -- Corey's first mobile game -- which has been recognized at conferences around the world, garnering international awards and nominations from organizations like InsideAR in Munich Germany, the Canadian Videogame Awards and the Spirit of Winnipeg Awards.

Corey King is passionate about educating and mentoring youth in the local creative and technical industries. When he isn't mentoring teens and young adults he is volunteering his time and expertise to various innovation, creativity panels and roundtables in Winnipeg.

Lisa Malbranck​

Age: 36

Category: Business and Entrepreneurship

Lisa Malbranck, 36, is a community focused young entrepreneur. (Submitted by Kristen Malbranck)

Lisa Malbranck is a community-focused young entrepreneur. She co-owns the Diamond Gallery, where she works as a jewellery designer and a gemmologist.

This past year, Lisa spearheaded #UnwrapWPG, a shop local campaign with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. This exciting initiative is building enthusiasm for the many local shops that help form the character of our city, and stimulate our economy.

Lisa is dedicated to giving back to her community through her family business with fundraising projects such as the "Diamond Gallery Giving Tree," which has supported charities including: RAY, Art City, Winnipeg Harvest and the Sunshine Fund to name a few.

She is also generous with her time, having sat on boards such as Francofonds, and is currently co-chairing the YMCA-YWCA Camp Stephens 125th Anniversary committee.

While Lisa has been acknowledged as an entrepreneur with local and national awards, what's most notable is her warm, enthusiastic and giving nature, inspiring young leaders in our community.

Mohammad Almaleki

Age: 21

Category: Business and Entrepreneurship

Mohammad Almaleki is nominated in the Business and Entrepreneurship category. (Submitted by Aaron Ingram)

Mohammad Almaleki is a socially conscious real estate developer focused on providing affordable and appropriate housing for vulnerable and marginalized communities in Manitoba.

Since December 2015 Mohammad Almaleki has helped settle over 500 Syrian Refugees in Winnipeg, giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives in Canada. As a refugee himself -- who came to Winnipeg 15 years ago -- he sees this as both a great opportunity and an incredible way to give back.

Currently, Mohammad is working on new projects to provide safe transitional housing for our City's homeless population, as well as accessible housing for those with disabilities.

Nadia Kidwai​

Age: 33

Category: Community, Social Activism and Volunteerism ​

Nadia is Chair of the Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council and member of the Immigration Partnership Winnipeg. (submitted by Brendan Reimer)

Nadia was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales and graduated from Oxford University with a master's degree in Politics & History.

Since arriving in Winnipeg in 2004, she has worked in various sectors with a passion for diversity, multiculturalism and community empowerment through grassroots community development, journalism (CBC Manitoba, Winnipeg Free Press) and as a co-founder of the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute.

Nadia is Chair of the Manitoba Women's Advisory Council, advising the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, and a council member of the Immigration Partnership Winnipeg.

Nadia leads Next Up Winnipeg, a progressive leadership program for young people committed to social change and environmental sustainability, and works for the Canadian CED Network.

Nadia is passionate about hosting "conversation cafes," believing the way forward for our society is through creating a safe space where people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences can come together and create meaningful dialogue.

Most importantly, she is the mother of two young boys.

Christie McLeod​

Age: 25

Category: Community, Social Activism and Volunteerism

Founder of #shoalidarity campaign and helped to create the coalition Friends of Shoal Lake 40. (Submitted by Katie Kitchen)

Christie has been a cornerstone of numerous human rights initiatives in Manitoba. To advocate for Shoal Lake First Nations' right to water, she founded the #shoalidarity campaign and helped to found the coalition Friends of Shoal Lake 40.

Christie is also the founder and Managing Director of the Human Rights Hub Winnipeg website, which has served as a central space to learn about human rights events and initiatives occurring within Manitoba.

When not working in her position as Executive Director for the Mondetta Charity Foundation, she volunteers as the secretary of the Institute for International Women's Rights and is also a member of the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba, where she sits on their Resolutions Committee.

She was selected by the National Council of Women of Canada to serve as a delegate at the United Nations' 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York. She has recently been accepted to York University for law, beginning her studies in Fall 2016.

Steven Watson

Age: 35

Category: Teaching and Healthcare

In Chef Steven Watson most recent class, 13 Aboriginal students received Culinary Arts Certificates. (Submitted by Beverley Watson. )

Aboriginal students from some of the most dire living situations have turned their lives around after finding a classroom full of peers, and an Aboriginal chef with a big heart.

In Chef Steven Watson's most recent graduating class at Patal Vocational Schools, 13 Aboriginal Students gathered to receive their Culinary Arts Certificates. Included in the class was one student who now operates his own food truck; a married couple, whose numerous children took dozens of pictures of mom and dad at the podium; and one young woman who has turned her life of violence and chaos into one with a promising future for her and her children. Most were the first in their families to complete any schooling beyond junior high or high school.

Steven has also received an award from the City of Winnipeg for helping to save passengers from a plane that crash landed at McPhillips Street and Logan Avenue in 2002.

Tracie Afifi​

Age: 38

Category: Teaching and Healthcare

Tracie Afifi is nominated in the Teaching and Health Care category. (Submitted)

Dr. Tracie Afifi is an Associate Professor and researcher at the University of Manitoba. Her research focuses on understanding how child maltreatment (abuse and neglect) is related to mental and physical health problems; how to help children who have been maltreated; and how to prevent child abuse in Manitoba.

She is an advocate for child rights and was the 2013 recipient of the Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children, Children's Rights Supporter Award. In 2014, she was recognized as one of Canada's leading mental health researchers in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority WAVE magazine.

She is dedicated to investing in the education and training of the next generation of health professionals and researchers in Manitoba, collaborating with local community stakeholders and takes part in several community talks every year, teaching people about child maltreatment and communicating her vision: that preventing child maltreatment will change a child's trajectory, improve health and strengthen families.

Jaime Black

Age: 35

Category: Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Métis artist Jaime Black work creates dialogue on social, political and environmental issues. (Submitted by Mentoring Artists for Women's Art)

Jaime Black is a Metis artist who uses new media, installations and multi-media performances to create dialogue on issues of social, political and environmental urgency.

Her most well-known work, the REDress Project, has generated discussion on the impact of colonialism, racism and misogyny faced by Indigenous women, and has inspired a nationwide movement; mobilizing the broader public to call for an end to violence.

Over the past five years, Black has hung over 600 donated red dresses in public spaces nationally and abroad. The Project is on permanent display at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which has listed Black as one of five women who should be household names in Canada.

Her current project ,"Dust," focuses on Cree communities impacted by hydro-electric development. In the same way that the red dresses confront viewers with the enormity of loss, Dust helps the audience to visualize the scope and scale of destruction in Northern Manitoba, and to grapple with its human impact.

Monica Cyr

Age: 36

Category: Teaching and Healthcare

Monica Cyr is a life-long learner, student, and popular public speaker. (Submitted by Laurel Martin)

Life-long learner, student and popular public speaker, Monica Cyr teaches health and cultural knowledge at the North End Food Security Network, Youville, Siloam Mission, Barbara Mitchell Centre and Promoting Aboriginal Community Together.

A founding member of the Indigenous Circle of Empowerment, member of Migizii Agamik and the University of Manitoba Aboriginal Students' Association, she is a strong Metis leader, engendering change through passion, positive attitude and service.

Monica juggles a busy family, studies, Food Matters programming, Frontier College nutrition literacy and U of M Indigenous content tutoring.

With many publications and awards, Monica is an amazing woman who gives back these teachings through her volunteer and work activities, and is someone who will continue to be a positive force in Winnipeg and beyond.

Akosua Tiwaah Bonsu​

Age: 22

Category: Community, Social Activism and Volunteerism

Akosua Tiwaah Bonsu is nominated in the Community, Social Activism and Volunteerism category. (Submitted)

Akosua uses every position to empower the lives of youth around her.

She is a fourth-year Global Political Economy major at the University of Manitoba; a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg; member of the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health; Volunteer Coordinator of the University of Manitoba's Cystic Fibrosis Canada campaign; and Ambassador General of Folklorama

In 2013, Akosua was selected from more than 800 applicants to represent Manitoba on an international trade and development mission to Asia. She is now a mission team leader with Global Vision, traveling the province and the nation to mentor future young leaders, facilitate economic roundtables, and lead hands-on experiences in community leadership, international trade, governance, and diplomacy.

As a YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award recipient and a University of Manitoba Emerging Leader Award recipient, she has been unstoppable when it comes to making a difference in her community.